k41 (hagane_no_mame) wrote in fm_alchemist,

4th Trailer questions, theories and spoilers.

First off, after seeing this trailer I know what most Elric kyoudai fans are thinking, NNNNOOOOOOOOOooooo! Coupled with that scene in the trailer to hint at the prolonged or even permanent separation of the brothers is the 43th(or was that 44th?) track from the movie OST called "Sad resolution~ separation". Is this just to trick us and get us even more hyped or are they stupidly giving away their ending(I guess we'd be kinda stupid too for watching all these trailers)? Apparently Edo says this line "kono sekai mamoru" which means something along the lines of "protect this world" but what does he mean, when he said that was he in Amestris or still in our world? And WHO is he saying it to himself or Al? Things aren't looking too bright for them staying together after the movie but I recall Raku Romi and Kugimiya Rie saying that the movie will not be a tradgedy and that Al gets some "love-love" scenes and a happy ending. Also the directors said that they wanted this movie to "move" people, and still hoping for my ending for the movie I think that they might be tricking us with all this sad stuff.

The second thing is the alternate peoples, what role do they actually play? Are they just there to remind Edo of his world or will they have some significence to the actual plot? As of now Heiderich!Al seems pretty unimportant what with all the dragon hunting and transmuting going on in the trailer. Alter!Hughes seems like he might be helping Edo out in the movie(based on mag. scans) but there are times when he seems fishy. Noa, who has a strong resemblance to Roze, is a gypsy that appears to be able to "read" into Edo and maybe has a hunch that he does not belong in that world when she appears in the trailer.

And finally, why does Edo appear to be able to use alchemy and has his automail back? Has Thule society tried to open the gate to Shambala only to merge Amestris and "our" world causing alchemy to exist in the merged world? Al.E, Winry and even Roy appear to be where Edo is what with fighting the suits of armor and all. Then there is that pic fom a mag. scan that shows Winry talking to what looks like Edo from the back. There is even a train pass that is being sold that has Edo clapping.

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