Number One Spoon (herongale) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Number One Spoon

Fic Pimpage!

Let's say you like Roy. Let's say you also like Ed. Let's say you like the idea of the two of them together, but are itching for something that is not-- airquotes-- 'done to death'. Something different, something... angsty.

Well, my friends. anax has just the story for you.

The title is unpronounceable Völuspá, and the plot is... well, spoilerrific. Familiarity with the entire 51-episode run of the Fullmetal Alchemist anime (or, at the very least, a blithe disregard for shocking revelations) is recommended, and because of that I'm afraid I can't give anything but the most vague sort of description of the plot itself. But know that the story is yaoi, AU, at several points definitely NSFW, and... absolutely stunning.

Yes, I beta for anax, and that may cause you to be (rightfully) suspicious of bias. But the first chapter is short. I highly encourage anyone who likes the characters listed above... or who likes a well-written story in general... to go check it out. If you like what you see, fma_7sins is the community where this story will be published as it is written. So far, three "ficlets" (anax refuses to call them chapters) are there, and a fourth should be up soon.

That community just happens to several other kickass authors, as well. I'm purposefully leaving off direct links to the latest bits because 1) they have been posted super recently, and 2) there are a lot of other worthwhile things in that comm to check out as well. (In particular, I'd like to mention that mikkeneko has a story she recently posted called "Sand Cathedrals." It is Ed/Scar (OTP!!) and so, so good.)

Go read! The story is great, I promise. I stake the full of my (dubious) internet reputation on it!

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