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Confusion with the trailers

There are some people confused with the trailers, so I thought I'd clear up some things. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

I've provided Direct Downloads for all them, as well as links to torrents. I'll see the torrents for trailers 2-4, so PLEASE use those if you can. Otherwise, use the direct downloads.

The .mov torrent for trailer 4 can be found elsewhere in the community.


Trailer 1
Really, it wasn't worth being called a "trailer". It basically said, yeah, there's a movie and showed some scenes from the anime. "Melissa" was played in the background.
Subtitled Version: [nanashi]fullmetal_alchemist_movie_trailer[06570126].avi {dunno a torrent}

Trailer 2
This is the one where we're first introduced to some characters, and got everyone confused as Ed still has his automail.
Subbed Version: [YeySUBs]_HAGAREN_THE_MOVIE_-_Trailer_1_[B3594CFC].avi {Torrent}
(Note: When YeySUBs originally released it, it was simply "Trailer" as there "2nd" one hadn't been put out. It was renamed/re-released when the next trailer was put out)
(Note2: Yey!SUBs basically ignored the first trailer, naming their suib of trailer 2

Trailer 3
Ah, the most known one I'd guess. Put online for like an hour or something, then taken off and left off for a while, the LQ raw/sub release was all we had to live off of for awhile. Features dragon!Envy and lawnmower!Ed. This is also the trailer with LOST HEAVEN in the background.
Subbed Version: [YeySUBs]_HAGAREN_THE_MOVIE_-_Trailer_2_[AF02E3DC].avi {Torrent}
(Note: The lyrics in the subbed version of this for LOST HEAVEN are wrong. These are the correct:
We'll say goodbye, lost Heaven.
How we longed for Heaven.
We're letting go of something we never had.
Time goes so fast. Heaven is lost.)

Trailer 4
Just released. We get some shots from the 3rd trailer, as well as some new ones. Such as the ninja-like things that come from the castle-like structure that Envy burst out of, and a nice shot of cosplay!Al... and I forget, did we decide that was alter!Rose?
There is some really cool scenes in here too.
RAW AVI: [JK]HAGAREN_THE_MOVIE_Trailer_4_[AVI].avi {Torrent}
(Note: I converted it from that icky .mov to a XVid AVI. Quality is about the same, and it doesn't require some stupid program!)
(Note2: Is anyone subbing this?)
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