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Fanfiction -- Warped Mirrors

*shakes head and sighs*

Bouncing from one plotbunny to another. Kill me now?

Title: Warped Mirrors
Rating: PG/PG13ish

When Edward came to, he realized that the transmutation had partially worked. It had to have worked, otherwise he wouldn't have woken up at all.

Dammit, his head hurt.

He sat up carefully, waiting for his eyes to adjust to the darkness. With the exception of his aching head, he didn't seem to be badly hurt. Probably got conked on the head by a rock as the ceiling came down on them.

Them. Where was Alphonse?

"Al?" Edward called cautiously, frowning. His eyes weren't adjusting, and it was irritating. They must be totally buried. Quietly cursing himself for deciding to take a shortcut *through* a mountain instead of around it, he was already formulating a way to make this Mustang's fault. Well, he *was* in a hurry...


There he was. Edward was starting to get worried at the silence. "Al! Do you still have those matches?" He could have used alchemy to make a light, but he wasn't sure how stable the rocks above their head really were. Next time they might not be so lucky.

"Yeah..." he heard rustling. "Niisan, what's wrong with your voice?"

Edward was busy feeling around his head, seeing how low the ceiling was. He couldn't reach it sitting up, so it might be safe to stand. He started feeling around him on the stone floor. "There's nothing wrong with my voice," he said distractedly, some part of his mind catching up with him. Al's voice didn't sound very tinny, like it usually did.

His exploration discovered Al's leg. He patted the cold metal, reassured that his brother was there. Then he frowned. Why was the rustling coming from somewhere to his left, if Al was on his right?

"Ah, found them!" Alphonse said. From somewhere on his left. Just then, a thinner, tinnier-sounding voice said "'Niisan...?"

Before Edward had time to figure this out, Al lit the match.

The light dazzled them. Edward was blinking away stars, when he saw Alphonse holding the match. He could feel his mouth drop open in confusion and amazement. "Al...?"

It was Al... in the flesh. That was impossible. Al, his little brother ... was sitting next to him. His hand was still on the armor's leg. But, there he was, right across from him, no more than two arm lengths away. As his mind fought to figure this out, he noticed Alphonse's armor.

Seated behind Alphonse.

His brain was going to shut down if he tried to think any faster. By the expression on Alphonse's face, he was going through a similar mental meltdown. His mouth was working like he was trying to get something out but was failing miserably.

The match fizzled out.

Edward sat, frozen. What had just happened? The cave was silent; no one spoke. He could hear breathing, though, so he knew that the flesh Alphonse was still there and not a hallucination. He took a deep breath and held it, to be certain.

Yup. Breathing. In fact, he could hear *two* people breathing.

What the HELL was going on?

"Al?" Edward finally asked, shakily.

The armor beside him shifted, he could hear it clank slightly. "'Niisan ... I ... just saw myself..." That was his Al, all right. The voice was tinny, echoed around in that large suit of armor. Alphonse sounded like he was very close to freaking out.

Edward felt like he was very close to freaking out. "Who the hell are you?" he finally half-shouted into the darkness. "Why won't you light another match?"

In response, a match lit. But it didn't come from the same direction as Alphonse. He saw the other Alphonse illuminated, looking as startled as he felt, and they both swiveled towards the new source of light.

A girl was seated there, dressed very similarly to Edward himself. She wore the same expression as Alphonse, one of complete confusion. "Al," she said slowly. "I don't think we're in Amestris anymore..."


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