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zOMFGWTFBBQ!! Zeppelins j0!

A picture that I did ages ago for my VPA class. To begin, I'll just say that... Well... the assignment was to listen to a piece of Classical Music that he'd play... and draw the first thing to come to mind. Well, he chose Beethoven's 5th. Insanity insued on my paper. And I actually got an 'A' for it, despite I'm sure that he had no idea what inspired such insanity. But it was much fun. Like Pinako's hair.

Spoilers ahoy!

And I'm sure this'll bring up the questionable-ness of my sanity. Trust me when I say that it is fully....not attached. x3

Edit: And I just randomly remembered something: When the Hindenburg crashed, it only took out one person on the ground. I wonder vaguely if it was Edward... *shot down viciously*

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