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Scar Resource Guide Project: Data Collection Phase!

Good morning, good morning, good morning! *affects Elysia-chan lisp; fails miserably*

I'm interested in putting together a resource guide for Scar fans, one filled with links and information about My Favourite Terrorist. Very simply, I'd like to create a one-stop guide to all things Scar on the internet: links to essays, image galleries, doujinshi (are there any?!), fanfic, fanart, spoofs, parodies... whatever.

For this I need some help.

This guide will be non-selective, meaning that I am quite willing to link to ALL webpages that are Scar-related, so long as Scar is prominently featured in the content of the site. Webpages will be sorted according to the kind of content therein, and editorial commentary will be kept to an absolute minimum. There will be no determination of which person has the 'best' Scar webpage or fanwork... I just want a place where people who like Scar can easily browse through everything that is available out there. Think Anipike hub... this will be a page with Just Links, and will be updated whenever a new link is made available to me.

I trust the ability of people to judge for themselves whether something is good or not.

It's not like Scar content on the internet is soooo overwhelming that this will be a very time consuming task (I think). I already have a ton of links that I've gathered over time, and very soon a preliminary guide will be up at the fma_scar community (and which will be announced and linked here). But I'm not omniscient, and you'd be surprised how unhelpful Google is when a character has a name like Scar. So, please... give me links. Pimp yourself. Pimp your friends. Pimp early, pimp often. I will look at everything, and the only inclusion criteria is that it must contain enough Scar that any Scar fangirl/fanboy could theoretically find it worth the click-through.

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