Doc Wiley (tux_the_echidna) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Doc Wiley


Title: Understanding
Summary: Remember Shou Tucker and that night when we lost Nina?
Warnings: None
A/N: I'm new here. I hope everyone likes this. Thanks :D

"I know honey, I know daddy told you to keep out...but it's okay now. We're gonna play in here for a little while. Daddy has just a little more work to do. Yes dear, of course Alexander is coming. What kind of play date is it without Alexander? No Nina, not tonight. No honey nii-san and chibi nii-san are staying with someone else for tonight. Tonight you're going to help daddy with his work! Doesn't that sound like fun honey? Yes, and Alexander as well.

"NO NINA! Not the chalk! That's daddy's chalk honey. I need that for my work. Yes, I do. Well maybe when you're old enough to have a job, you'll get to use chalk there too. Now honey, play with Alexander for just a little while. Daddy needs to alter some formulas. That's a good it this one? No. Here? Yes, that’s it. Would it be this way? That looks right...but that's not the right symbol then...that makes it...aaahh...yes, I believe that's it.

"Hah hah, very nice Nina. Well of course, it would look wonderful on mommy! But it barely fits your doll now, that string is too tight. Here, let me show you something. Take this chalk. If you draw a circle, then another inside...yes, just like that. Then a triangle there, and there, and there, and then a big one just like this! Very good honey! Now, watch this. Yes, I suppose it is sort of's your dollies dress, and it should fit just right now. You're welcome sweetheart, now go show Alexander while I finish this. Daddy has a very important day tomorrow, and in just a little bit longer you and Alexander can help me prepare for it! That's my girl, now go ahead. it is...if I do it this way, it should make up for the size difference...

"Nina! I told you not to play with the other animals! They're part of daddy's work, and they're very mean! They don't like to play with little girls, they like to bite them. No, Alexander can't either. Ok, now be a good girl. Yes. All if that...that should be it...It's finished. This is the formula...Nina! It's almost time honey! Where did you put the chalk you were using? Good girl. Okay, let me draw's like what I helped you make earlier, only this does something different. You'll see honey, you'll see in just a moment. Where's Alexander? Good.

"Now, this circle is for you two, understand? Now tomorrows a big day, and I haven't got anything to show. Just like last year, you remember daddy got in trouble? Well, this year I won't, cuz you're gonna help me, okay? And we're gonna live real fancy, just like we have been, and Mommy's gonna come back real soon since we aren't poor. Okay honey? That's my girl!

"Okay, now come here you two. Just stand here and don't move no matter what. What? A hug darling? Why? Oh, okay, then hug Alexander. One...Two...Three!!
"Good job...yes, good girl. Yes, that's right, "Pretty lights". You did a good job today, and when they come tomorrow, I'll have you to show them...everything will be just fine. No, it's time for bed...Oh...your big brothers are here..."

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