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I don't write that often, so yeah... but I decided to write a short fic last night featuring Roy. XD This is actually my first FMA fanfiction. ^^;

Title: Gamblin' Man
Rating: G
Warnings: None. :3
Summary: Roy has a day off, and goes to the casino. XD Written at 3 in the morning, after a few hours of playing the slots at Gaia.

Author’s note: There’s a story behind this story. XD Basically, Rukusho & I were playing slots on Gaia late at night, and I had a image in my head of Roy playing slots… well, read the story to find out the rest, haha.

I do not own FMA, if I did, I would be rich. It belongs to Hiromu Arakawa & Square-Enix.

Gamblin’ Man
by Kusabi

“You want me to do what, sir?”

“Mustang. Take the day off.” The Fuhrer, King Bradley, looked at Roy with a smile on his face. “You’ve been working hard lately, so please. Your subordinates can take over for you.”

“Yes, sir.”

Unsure of what to do with his day off, Roy decided to take a trip to the casino. It was fairly new, and he hadn’t been there before. He decided it would be worth checking out.

The first thing he noticed as he walked in was the slot machines. Pulling out some money, he sat down at one of the machines. He inserted a few coins, and then pulled the lever. The wheels began to spin, and Roy waited patiently.

An hour later, Roy was still rooted at the slot machine. His luck had been seemingly fair for that first hour. However, as he kept playing, his luck just seemed to get die out. Yet another hour later, he was completely broke.

Enraged, he pulled out his gloves, and promptly incinerated the machine. This in turn caused the entire casino to catch fire.


The burned down casino made headlines the next day. Luckily for Roy, nobody had noticed him enter or exit the casino, so nobody suspected him. In the end, they concluded the case as an “accident”.


Story on FFnet.

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