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FMA fanart

Hi all =D

I've made a few drawings of Ed and Roy Mustang as practice for a doujinshi I'd like to do with sailormac We're still debating the theme and story. So click on the LJ cut to see the pictures:

The first offering is Colonel Roy Mustang, in a scheming mode ^____^ we all love him as he is so serious... and not so serious.
Roy Mustang

In second, here's my impressions of Edward Elric, standing with the wind in his hair ^__^
Edward Elric

And as a third offering, here's Ed in a pensive mood, he looks older on this one =\ Maybe future Ed?
Future Ed?

well I hope you liked them, I will do more later this month when I finish a comic project I had to start. Please comment if you want to ^____^

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