Klinks (mandibug) wrote in fm_alchemist,

caffiene-induced fangirl theories abound!

Disclaimer: I swear the only thing I'm on is caffiene, but some would suggest otherwise.

Hokay, it's 3:30 in the morning where I am, and I've been interchangeably reading FMA and HP fanfics.
So my mind started wandering, and I came up with a very odd possibility, that Harry and Ed live in the same world, since JKR never really talks about Germany being called Germany. It totally could be Amestris, only modern time. And alchemy is really the ancestor of their 'magic'. The wands in Harry's time really could be embedded with miniature transmutation circles, with the phoenix feathers, unicorn hair, or dragon heartstrings serving as 'drawing medium'. There's a specific wand movement for each spell, just like a type of circle for each aspect of alchemy. With Ed 'discovering' circleless alchemy, a need for easier alchemy arises, and over the years wands are born! Much more convenient, yet still limited to the elite few. Only those born with powers can perform magic, just like alchemists come by it more from genes than studying. There's also the Philosopher's Stone-connection/possible arc. Complete with Nicholas Flannel. So with Harry doing wandless-magic, he's like... a modern-day Ed.

and... wow. I just re-read over what I typed.
And while it all completely makes sense in my head, I think I should head to bed now...

Feel free to spurn or discuss any other possible connections or whatnot, yes I realize how bizarre most people would consider this.

To make sure that I can qualify this as a real post,

some horrible EdxRoy fanart. That should never see the light of day.

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