banana_onigiri (banana_onigiri) wrote in fm_alchemist,

good news! FMA artbook update

I felt bad for only being able to bring in 14 copies. So, I contacted the people for more copies and they said they would see how many more they could give me. I might even be able to get meself a copy. ^_^
I also contacted U.S. customs to see the maximum number of a book product I could bring in and they said as many as I want as long as it is not adults-only material.
So people, if you did not make the list (especially if you have already contacted me about getting the book), THERE IS HOPE!

Thanks to all the people who already ordered. You've been very nice throughout all this commotion. ^_^
I think there is only 1 person left I need to contact about order confirmation since almost everyone has informed me of method of payment.

Thanks and look out for updates!

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