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hallo, i'm new to this community. i've been stalking it for some time now, heh heh. my name is lizardqueen and i thought "Why not show off a little drabble i made?" um, i hope it's suitable.

heh i wrote this in 20 minutes.

Title: Tuba Lessons
Author: lizardqueen13
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Pairing: Scar/Al
Rating: uh, probably R-ish if you can catch my drift...

x-posted on lizardqueen13's lj.

Scar stood outside the pawn shop, looking at the shop window with questioning eyes. It did feel awkward to stand in front of a shop that you never stepped in before in your life, but he deserved a break from trying to get revenge for his brother's death, and the many attempts to kill off the bean Edward Elric. Besides he needs a new hobby.

Scar stepped into the dusty shop, looking at all the weird instruments that were on display. He walked up to the counter where a young store clerk was sitting, idly reading a magazine.

"I'd like to start taking Tuba Lessons."

The store clerk raised an eyebrow at Scar. Then a smile spread across her face.

"You're just in luck, we just got a new one in yesterday. Brand new, shiny, and ready to play." She took out a large tuba from the back and handed it to Scar.

"Get a good feel of it. A musician needs to get in touch with their senses and their instrument." The Clerk said with a malicious grin.

Scar took the large tuba in his hands. He caressed the shiny brass valves and stroked the neck with his fingers. He didn't even take notice of the blood red alchemy circle scribbled inside the tuba before he wet his lips and heaved a deep breath into the tuba. A deep low note bellowed throughout the tiny shop.

Al never felt so alive.


[EDIT:] ok. here's the gist of why this is so. blueleopard87 dropped her eraser in orchestra, and it had Al's seal drawn on it. so, we were in a room with a tuba hanging from the wall and i was like, "We should transmutate Al into a Tuba! Then he could hide kitties inside himself!!! XDD" Then we went off on a tangent about Winry giving blow jobs to Al. And then blue suggested that Scar should play the Tuba. and that's where this came from...


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