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Hmmm..... smexy....

Zra drawededed! =D

First she sat down and tried to draw. But to no avail nothing would come out!

ANd then Zra made sudden breakthough progress!

Is it a picture of younger happier day, or since they look older than those days in the drawing, is it of a 'what if' scenario in which loss of flesh did not occur?

Zra was so pleased to be making progress than she had to continue!

She intended to try and get a nice 503 drawing done, but Ed and Winry must be arguing right now. Or Winry was arguing while Ed was being oblivious to her and the world.

Once again, Zra was happy, and wanted to draw some MORE! Ed can't sleep forever and has to get properly ready to face the world in the mornings himself....

...or did Zra just want to catch Ed off gaurd as he got dressed in the morning... or an excuse to draw his backside... OMG did Zra try to channel manga!Winry's back fetish?? (Nah, looks more like an ass view to me.....)

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