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Izumi Cosplay: Part #2

I showed my coat before (along with Gundams raping plushie!Alphonse- but ignore that for a bit XP), but now I got most of the outfit done! Also, since it's the end of the school year, I've gone and got my hair done nicely for a short photoshoot of my almost-finished cosplay! :D All I have left to do is adjust the coat a wee bit more. Then one other thing, but I'm going to see if you guys can find it. :3

Sorry about the quality of the pictures; my camera is ancient. x__x;;


Find what's missing- it's a small thing.

If you find little "x's"- it means the bandwidth ran out. Wait a while and they should be back up again. ^^

You know, this might actually be my first sane entry in the comm... No, wait...




Horny Gundams...
Al: *guarding his 'privates'* NUU~ Kitty! Come save me again! ToT
Kitty: *yawns and goes back to sleep*
Deathscythe: Fufufu... >D
Al: *whimpers*

Robot smex. >X33

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