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Crack! Yay!

I have NO clue what gave me the idea to do this o_0

In the first picture, Ed is gonna kill Sesshoumaru, oh noes!

Image hosted by

In the second picture, Sesshoumaru got mad at Ed for trying to kill him, so he cut off Ed's automail arm, like ZOMFG!

Image hosted by

In the third picture, Ed has his arm back, and he has a cool staff thingy that he's gonna kill Sesshoumaru with

Image hosted by

In the fourth picture, Ed decides not to kill him and he wants to give Sesshoumaru a kiss o_0

Image hosted by

Sesshoumaru lets Ed kiss him and the fifth picture was VERY naughty >:0

Image hosted by

The end! Y'all can kill me now fo this stupid/random crack 0_o


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