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Holy crap on a cracker...

Just finished watching ep 21, and would have screamed aloud if hubby hadn't been in bed already...

Guh... I'm just... cliffhangers are evil. EVIL I TELL YOU!!! Just a few random thoughts:

-So, was Al protecting Scar when the bomb went off? Because it sure looked like he was shielding him, not just that he fell on him.

-All that with Scar's brother confuzzled me. I'm going to have to watch the earlier eps again... but damn, it was angsty!

-This Greed character looks iiiiinteresting. And the other Sins are afraid of him too? Wow.

-So... are we finally going to get the answer to the "Who would win?" question of Al vs. Gluttony? I think all that metal would be hard on the teeth. Though the kittens would be chewy, I'm sure. (Thank you, elffromspace)

-Ninaaaaa! *sob* And her dad is CREEPY as hell now. Well, even more so than before.

-"I'm not a normal alchemist." Duuuuude! What's he going to do? *credits roll* Me: Noooooo!

Heh... probably not good to write this when I'm as loopy as I am. XD

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