Dragon Scholar (dragonscholar) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Dragon Scholar

Full Metal Acronym!

OK, we all use FMA as a term for Full Metal Alchemist. But I began speculating what else it could mean - and still be relevant to the series . . .

Fangirl Miniskirt Army
Fully Muscled Armstrong
Freaky Maternal Attachments
Flaming Mustang Attack!
Fantastic Morrow Acting
Fuery Mutt Attachment
Fangirl Manic Attachment
Felines Meeting Alphonse
Farewell, Maes, Alas
Fletcher, Meet Alphonse
Feverently, Marco Attones
Funny Military Antics
Forbidden, Meddling Alchemy
Finally, More Angst!
Full Mental Angst
Fatal Meddling Alchemy

Any others?

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