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I unveil... old challenge!crack...

Many days of weeks ago, youkofujima mentioned a little game where you take activities and FMA characters and draw them out of a hat, and then write or illustrate them. After starting and then forgetting, I am ready to unveil for you six slighty-wonky (since it's been too long since I've really drawn, and I used a camera since I have no scanner) crack drawings. This is image-heavy, to warn those of you on slow connections, and number three could be interpreted as slightly spoilery for manga and anime. Enjoy!

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That's supposed to be a bouquet of licorice. Why? Because it looks like blood, maybe. I dunno.

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Havoc: He was just telling me his greatest shame was never mastering any of the Armstrong Family Swimming Techniques...
Roy: Somebody should go help him before he drowns.
Havoc: ...
Roy: ...

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Ed: Why am I getting a bad feeling about this?

Image hosted by
I have no idea where his other hand is, and don't ask!

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