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[sketches x3] Al w/kitty, SDLust, crapHoho-papa.

Okay, school's over, summer has started, I have time, so I'm trying to finish the meme. The meme will close at 25 requests or if I beat you to the end (meaning, if I finish before 25 requests are filled.) So far there are 22 requests so 3 are still open. As of this post, I've completed 16 of them.

Today's meme-sketches:
#14: Human!Al w/ kitty for sailormac
#15: Lust for fairyfey
#16: Hoenheim for wiccat

Image hosted by

For sailormac. [headdesk] I'm so sorry it sucks so much... Al's head is so squashed...

Image hosted by

For fairyfey. [sighs] She gave me so much trouble, and turned out looking like an SDchibi, but not. I'm really sorry... [sighagain]

For wiccat. [just.bawls.] I even used REFERENCE and it still turned out like crap. [sighs] Failure, all three of them.

I'm probably going to end up going back and fixing these three, or something. Or perhaps, after I'm done with my Naruto SDchibi sets, I'll turn some of them into SDs...cause these were really bad. [headdesk] I'm really sorry. [stabs sketches]

[EDIT] The meme is open only for one more request. It's closed after that. If you want it...[shrugs] Not that you do. Heehee.
[EDIT] And it's closed. Finally.

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