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A weird point.

So due to a recent post in the community which shows the new Animage scans ( as seen here ), I came to notice something slightly offish that I don't think anyone else has quite picked up on yet. If they have, my apologizes I over looked it. Anyway, check out what I notice and tell me I'm not going crazy ... or prove me wrong. Spoilers abound, that should go without saying.

All right so anyway - the thing that stands out to me the most in the new Animage scans are namely about Hughes, with all the talk about something being up with Hughes I can't help but keep my eye on him. That's when I noticed as I was looking over the scan that something didn't seem quite right. Then it hit me like a ten ton weight. His eyes. His eyes are still gold. Now why you ask is this a weird issue, Hughes eyes are gold! Well, yes -- Hughes does have gold eyes in Ed's World, but in the Alternate World aka "Our World" people don't have gold eyes except for Hohenheim and Edward - people who have crossed through the gate from Ed's World into ours. Even post series Al you can see he doesn't have Blue eyes like Our World Al.

Image Proof:
Ed World Hughes:
Our World Hughes:

Ed World Edward:,
Our World Edward:,

Ed World Al:,
Our World Al:,

Maybe it's just me... but~ I thought it was a point worth bringing to light, since we spent a good portion of an anime episode viewing it through Ed's eyes. Something that seems like a small detail but things often get over looked in this series and get thrown back in your face later. I just wanted to hear some other opinions about this. Seriously, am I going crazy for nothing?

Much love to asuki for quickly clipping these shots of Ed and Al together, she rocks. <3

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