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Wewt! Another fiction! Damn bunnies are just popping up everywhere! I swear, they pounce upon you when you least expect it! I’m having a bit of fun with this one, although I honestly should know better than to try working on two fictions at a time. Ah well. I’ve been working on this, when honestly I should have been trying to finish the other fiction. I’m the goddess of procrastination it seems. Decently long chapter. Or at least long compared to how my chapters normally are in fictions… Comments and crits welcomed, and loved (and quite possibly molested).

Title: Adamantine Dreams [Chapter 1 - A Reuniting of a Sort]
Series: Hagaren
Coupling: None really in this chapter, Alphonse Heidelric x Ed planned for later.
Rating: PG? I’ll give it a PG-13 just to be safe. X3
Disclaimer: I don’t own Hagaren, nor any of the sexahness that is the characters. They belong to Hiromu Arakawa-sama. Love her, for she is the_almighty. The lyrics at the beginning are from ‘Four Seasons’ which is from Inu-Yasha: Tenka Hadou no Ken. I don’t own that either.
Other warnings: This fiction takes place after episode 51, and thusly… is quite spoiler-filled.

Negareru toki wo Kokoro ni arinoma ma ni
Futari no hibi wa mou sugu omoide
ai mo yume mo wasuremono itsuno hi demo atatamete hoshii

Time still flows within my heart, truthfully.
Our days together are quickly becoming memories.
With love and dreams becoming forgotten, whenever the day is, I wish to be warm...

Golden eyes watched the leaves as they made a slow decent to the ground, the light autumn wind blowing it about slightly. Edward Elric’s hand fell onto the paper beneath his hand, pen rolling off onto the floor from the desk. He made no move to pick it up, instead he just stared out the window, golden orbs clouded over, lost in memories.

He had lost a bit of weight since he had come to the other side of the Gate, devoting his time to studying. His normally gleaming golden hair had a somewhat dull and unhealthy look to it. The former-alchemist’s apartment was in no better shape than the boy himself. Much of it had fallen into disrepair; Edward had no will to attend to these objects. After all, he had no intent on staying for much longer in this world.

Originally, he planned to stay for a few days at most. However, days turned into weeks, weeks into months and still he had no leads on how to return. He seldom had contact with Hohenheim any more, save for the letters and occasional money the man send him. Not that Edward sincerely cared. The less he had to do with him, the better in his opinion. No sense in the man acting fatherly now. He just waited too long for that.

A slight growling noise was heard in the apartment, an irritated growl followed that. It just occurred to Edward that he hadn’t eaten since some time…. Yesterday was it? Or perhaps it was the day before? He never cared enough to keep track of the days any longer. At any rate, he figured he might as well go out to get something.

He stood, grabbing the dark mahogany coat from its perch on the chair pulling it on. Edward stepped out the door, locking it behind him before starting off down the side walk. Very few people paid any heed to the small forlorn-looking boy as he walked down the street. However, one did. Bright sapphire eyes watched the alchemist, a saddened expression on his face.

Alphonse Heidelric had seen the same boy walking down the side walk from the old run down apartment on several occasions, and he had taken a bit of an interest in him. He was surprised to see how much that boy looked like his elder brother, and perhaps that’s what had caught his attention. Alphonse acknowledged the fact that his brother was dead, there was no doubt to that. But still, the likeness was uncanny. The only real difference seemed to be the eyes and the hair. This boy’s eyes always had a saddened and distant quality to them, while his brother’s eyes were always smiling and warm. The boy’s hair was also much longer than his brother’s hair had been.

Today, he decided, he would speak to the boy. After all, that shouldn’t be such a hard feat. Besides, the boy looked rather lonely in his opinion. Alphonse grabbed a coat from the hanger, then yelling to his mother that he was going out, he went on out the door. He was, amazingly, able to keep track of the boy through the morning crowd, following him into a small café. A small bell jingled cheerfully as he opened the door. The inside was warm and welcoming, the mixed scent of hot tea and coffee thick in the air giving it a somewhat calming atmosphere.

The long blond-haired boy sat down in a seat near the window without saying a word to anyone he picked up the menu gazing through it. Alphonse walked over to the table, clearing his throat slightly to get the boy’s attention.

“Excuse me…sir..?”

The boy peered up over the menu, and as he looked at Alphonse there was a flicker of… familiarity? No, Alphonse must have just been seeing things.

“Yes…?” The boy’s voice sounded not irritated, but rather strangely curious.

It just occurred to Alphonse that he had no idea what he was to say to this boy. He couldn’t exactly say ‘Oh, Hi. I’ve been watching you from my window for the past few weeks…’ It just might sound odd. Alphonse settled instead for a smile.

“Well, I just… thought maybe you looked a little lonely over here…”

The boy send a smile at Alphonse, one that reminded Alphonse so much of his older brother. “…Do you generally come and talk to all the strangers that sit by themselves like this…? Or am I just a special case?”

Alphonse flushed slightly in embarrassment. “W-well… not exactly…”

The boy laughed slightly, indicating the chair across from him. “Take a seat if you want. I won’t say no to a bit of company, I suppose. Been awhile since I really sat down and talked with anyone anyhow…”

Alphonse sat down, smiling in return. He just watched Edward a moment, before picking up the second menu and glancing through it. It was silent a moment before the alchemist spoke up.

“So, what’s your name?”

Alphonse glanced up, blinking a little. “Ah, sorry… My name is Alphonse. Alphonse Heidelric.”

As this was said, there was a flicker of some emotion that Al couldn’t exactly place in the stranger’s eyes. The boy forced a friendly smile. “I’m Edward Elric.”

Their orders were placed, however, when their food arrived, it lay rather forgotten. Edward had nibbled a bit on his, but now it lay completely neglected by the alchemist. The two sat there for what had to be hours, talking and laughing. Not about anything in particular, just talking. Which, strangely enough, seemed to suit them just fine. It wasn’t until nearly dark when the waitress came to their tables, looking somewhat annoyed.

“Excuse me sirs, but we’re going to be closing shortly.” Came her quiet, and polite voice, interrupting a conversation about animals. Cats to be more specific.

Edward blinked up at her, then oulled out his wallet. “Sorry, m’aam. I’ll be paying for both meals.” Alphonse started to say something, but was interrupted by Edward. “Don’t worry about it, alright? I’ve got more than enough to cover us both.”

Edward paid the woman, giving her quite a nice tip, the stood up. He looked at Alphonse. “So… umm… I guess you’ll be heading home? …Unless maybe you’d like to come to my place for a little while?” He hoped that Alphonse wouldn’t take that the wrong way.

“I’d like to, but my mother is probably going insane with worry at home. She tends to get like that sometimes.” Alphonse answered, as he too stood up. “But maybe you can walk home with me? We can continue our conversation on the way.”

The former-alchemist smiled. “Sure, sounds fine to me.”

The two walked out together, the door’s bell chiming at them cheerfully as they left. It wasn’t until now that Alphonse noticed the awkward way that Edward seemed to walk, or the ‘dead’ look his right arm had. He was staring and though he hadn’t quite realized it yet, Edward had. There was a slight grim laugh from him.

“Yeah, those are prosthetics.”

Alphonse, now realizing he was staring, looked away a bit embarrassed. “S-sorry…”

Edward just smiled. “Don’t be. It’s not a big deal.”

“So… how did it happen?”


“…how did you loose your arm and leg…?” Alphonse quickly wished he hadn’t asked as he saw a saddened expression in the boy’s eyes.

Edward was silent a moment; Alphonse thought he wasn’t going to get a response when the boy’s voice suddenly made itself known. “…by committing a mistake.”

Alphonse began to wonder exactly what kind of mistake would have caused him to loose two limbs. It was at this point that Alphonse realized that there was a lot more to Edward Elric than just what met the eye. “…do you live with your parents…? Or by yourself?”

“By myself.”

“Where are your parents?”

Edward laughed a little. “You sure are full of questions, aren’t you?” He sighed a bit before answering. “My father is in London, working at some university there, and my mother died a long time ago…”

“I’m sorry… do you have any siblings?”

The former alchemist laughed again, this time pausing to gaze at Alphonse. “What is this? 20 questions? But yes, I do have a brother…”

Alphonse knew that he should probably stop bombarding the poor boy with his questions, but he was curious about Edward. “…where is he now?”

Another question Alphonse quickly regretted as he saw the saddened expression cross his face. “…far away…”

At this point, Alphonse thought it wise to change the subject. “You said your dad worked at a University? Is he some sort of scientist?”

Edward laughed a little. “I guess you could call him that. I don’t really know, or for that matter care, what he’s up to. We’re not exactly close.”

“…You don’t care? You really should, he’s your father.”

Edward quirked an eyebrow at this. “Should I?”

“Well, yes. He’s your father and I’m sure he cares about you. He probably worries all the time with you so far from home on your own.”

“Possibly, but I doubt it… so where exactly do you live?”

“Right up he-“

“ALPHONSE HEIDELRIC! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN FOR THE PAST FEW HOURS?!” a woman, strikingly familiar to Edward, ran up the sidewalk to Alphonse. She crossed her arms over her chest, and while she sounded angry, her amber eyes were warm and welcoming. She brushed back a chestnut-colored bang that had fallen into her eyes, and turned regarding Edward. “…who is your friend, Alphonse?”

Alphonse laughed a bit in embarrassment. “That’s Edward Elric, mom… I met him at the café…”

She smiled warmly to Edward. “Hello Edward, I’m Trisha Heidelric… Alphonse’s mother.”

‘How perfect,’ he thought to himself. ‘Just what I needed, look-a-likes of both my mother and my little brother.’ However, despite his thoughts, he smiled. “It is a pleasure to meet you, Mrs.Heidelric.”

“Why don’t you come inside? I was just fixing dinner, and we’ve got plenty of room at our table for you.”

“I thank you for the offer, m’aam. But I really must be getting home.” Edward declined politely.

Alphonse gazed at him a moment, looking at him pleadingly. “C’mon Edward, stay with us for dinner! Please?”

Edward had never been able to say no to that face before, and he found that he couldn’t now either. “Oh, alright… I suppose…” His studies would have to wait a little longer. His stomach suddenly growled, and he flushed a bit in embarrassment. He began to regret that he didn’t eat much earlier.

Trisha laughed a little, ushering the boys into the house. “Sounds like someone is hungry. Now get inside and clean up, you two.”

Alphonse had started running up the stairs, Edward following behind him.

“…and you’d better use soap, Alphonse!” she yelled up after them.

Alphonse laughed a little. “Alright mom! …she’s such a worrywart! Even more so lately…”

Edward smiled at him. “It’s nice to have someone worry so much about you sometimes. It shows that they care.”

Alphonse opened a door on their right, leading Edward into the bathroom. He sighed a little as he turned on the tap. “Yeah, I guess you’re right… She didn’t seem to worry as much until after brother died. He’d been in London for schooling… He was staying with a Professor at the university… Professor Hohenheim I think it was…”

Edward blinked. “…Professor Hohenheim?”

“Yeah…” Alphonse looked up at him. “Do you know him?”

“…he’s my father…”

“Then… did you know my brother?!”

Edward shook his head. “No, I’m sorry. I don’t really know much of anyone in London.”

“Didn’t you live with your father before you moved here?”

“Not really. I stayed with him for a little while shortly before I came here, before that I just traveled with my little brother,”

“…oh… well… he died in the air raids…”

Edward frowned, remembering only too well that silent voice in the back of his mind, then shortly after when the zeppelin fell from the sky. An involuntary shudder went through him. “I-I’m sorry.”

Alphonse placed his hands under the warm water, before starting to dry them on a towel. “…you remind me a lot of him…”

Edward, not really knowing how to respond to this, just replied, “You didn’t use soap.”

The boy laughed, throwing the towel at Edward, “Oh come off it!”

Edward caught the towel, hanging it back on the rail before washing his own hands and drying them.

“Alright, lets go down stairs. Hopefully mom is making stew tonight! She makes the best stew!” Alphonse grabbed Edward, dragging him off down the stairs.

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