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Armor!Al cosplay help!?XD (and... rants)

(Sorry for posting again.oo;;)

Been watching a few anime ep's and rereading some manga volumes (chap.30!) again just to figure out how the hell the Armor-Al's chest-plate open's and closes!

Yes, me and my twin bro is really planning to make an Armor!Al for cosplay... out of paper-material's! (Also, forgive us if we can only make it a bit short than normal, I can't get Al's 220cm height!)

The only thing that's bothering us is how Al's chest plate get's opened.oo;; Actually, I already have some idea's, but I just need some random pics that might help, since there might be some scan's on some random FMA artbook or something that might help.^_^;; And that's the thing I'm needing right now...

(Yes, just some rare detailed scan/pics of Armor!Al. Anything can be useful, really...)

Or maybe someone has already made an Armor!Al that might be able to exlpain how his chest-plate works in detail.

I will be the one wearing the armor since my aniki will be cosplaying Ed-niisan. Also... don't expect the armor to be finished early.XD We're lazy when it comes to making our cosplay props! Haha! (Height info! Though I'm the female and younger twin, I am taller than my older brother twin! Much like the Elric brothers, yes?)

Though we're really desperate on cosplaying the Elric brothers. (Don't worry! We already have a Roy Mustang ready.>D)

Also after cosplaying the Elric Bothers, I might go as Hughes or Havoc next time... If we still have the budget... *loves the uniform's* <3<3<3

BTW, we're currently short on dough so... we might not be able to start with the armor yet. Our resources are also lacking since we just moved to a new home.oo;; Hey, it's always good to plan ahead.>D

(The Armor!Al project has been planned eversince we've first watched ep 1 and 2! And it's still on our heads.)

(Advance) Thanks for the people who will help! So sorry I'm not always online.

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