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Title: Longing Warmth
Author: Miki05 AKA Nyago (
Pairing: Roy/Winry & EdWin
Rating: PG?
Chapter Count: 1 (complete)
Total Word Count: Er...lots?
Note: All she ever wanted was for Edward to understand her All she ever wanted was the warmth, until the person she at least expected it, gave it to her.



Don’t mind the crappiest of my grammar, Also this is set in the anime. (In case you never saw it this is spoilers) Roy was responsible for the death of Winry parents, so….she still doesn’t get along with him. Until now...




One Shot.


Disclaimer: FMA not mine, although I can say I am a proud owner of Ed Plushie and Winry keychain! :3



“Longing Warmth”

By: Nyago ( pen name)



---Winry’s POV---



I cried, I cried until no more tears could be shed. How stupid and idiot can he be? How blind can he be before he realizes I care if something happens to him? Him and his brother. How long must I suffer before he realizes he has family to come home too? To those who long for his company and warmth?  No it didn’t matter to him, not to Edward Elric, he was too selfish and self center to notice people’s feelings. I know he feels guilty about what happen to them, but that doesn’t mean he has to shoulder the blame all by himself. Even Al has yelled at him before because of it, Ed you are such an idiot, you don’t notice there are people that have feelings for you and want to help you. But you keep pushing them away like a broken toy you no longer want to use.



I ran. I ran very far away from him. I didn’t know how far I gotten in the city, I just wanted to get away from him, that sorry excuse of a man. I didn’t care where I ended up or if I ended up anywhere at all, just getting away from him was good enough. The atmosphere after the slap I gave him earlier still trembles in my head. Even after that, he didn’t dare face me; he didn’t dare chase me. The only thing I heard before I left that forsaken room was Al’s hollow voice calling after me.



I continued to run, until I couldn’t run anymore.



Slowly but steadily I began to slow down, descending to a level of normalcy until I soon came to a complete stop. Taking deep breaths, I let myself slide down the wall and slowly fall to the floor. What am I thinking? My suit case was back in the room and I don’t have any money with me. So how can I sleep somewhere if all my stuff is back there? I sigh continuously for trying to get away; you forgot to take your stuff with it too.



But who could blame me? Ed, being the arrogant, cocky bastard he was, got to me. He pisses me off to a level not even my grandmother dares to cross. Another sigh, there was no point trying to recall that event. Only remembering to slap him next time I see him. Getting up from the floor, I took another deep breath and headed back. I was a stubborn woman but when it came to sleeping I was too dedicate to rough it. Beside I barely slept the night before, with all of this events going on. None which Ed would even tell me in the first place.



‘If only I would have-‘my thoughts were cut short as I felt getting himself bump into someone. “Oh Sorry” I didn’t even bother looking up, until I heard his voice…



“Hey, you are that girl that is with Full Metal, Winry’s your name right?” I look up, the least person I wanted to see once again, Roy Mustang, Edward’s Colonel and Friend, or at least I think they are friends. He was also responsible for the death of my parents, but who could blame him? I decide to forgive, even if it was a little hard to let go, he had to do his job, he was forced too, nothing I could do to him could change the fact that my parents are gone. Just had to accept and let go, hatred gets no one anywhere. I am sure he felt bad enough as it is. “Why are you here so late at night?”



I stared; I guess he noticed because he began to wave his hand in my face “Sorry” I bow my head, the floor looks very interesting right now.



“Hm…Let me guess, you had a fight with Full Metal and now you are running away?” My eyes shot open, how can he read me so easy? How can this man known that’s what happened? I lift my head up to look at him once more. “Sort of…” I replied.



A sigh came from him “That boy never learns, he has no idea how to treat or how to deal with people at all…”



“You can say that again...” I whisper, as I saw him stare at me with amused eyes.



“Don’t take it to heart; Full Metal sometimes has a hard time saying what he feels. I am sure right now he is worried about you.” He smirked; I could only find myself staring at him blankly. “So come on, I will take you to him.” He grabbed my hand and began to walk.



“Wait!” I grabbed his arm. “Um…is there a way I can stay with Lt. Riza?” I had to ask, I didn’t want to go back. Maybe I was afraid, maybe I was just…stubborn?



“Riza doesn’t sleep in the dorms; she has her own small apartment that is a bit of a drive from here if you want me to take you there.” He replied.



I gave it thought, she was probably sleeping right now, and I didn’t want to make her see me as someone that was rude or that needed someone’s company. “Never mind…” I answered, and once again I found the floor to be a very interesting thing to see once again.



“You can stay with me if you don’t really want to go back” My eyes once again lock on his, Cheeks flushing red as I began to think, I barely knew him, I mean I know he is probably very polite and nice, but to sleep in the same room as him? Wait, since when did that bother me? I slept with boys since I was four, why would I start now? ‘Because you are sixteen and he is much older than the boys you ever slept in the same room’ Back off, I told the little voice inside my head. The problem wasn’t that, it was…Well wasn’t Riza already in love with him? She might think I am some sort of …..Slut.



“Don’t worry; I won’t do anything if that’s what you are thinking, I bet Full Metal told you an ear full about me, but I assure you they are just rumors from him.” I couldn’t help but laugh, this man, actually worries over something a sixteen year old boy says? “I will take the offer….but I don’t even have any sleeping clothes with me.”



“You can borrow mine, they are a bit big, considering you are a girl but it will do for tonight.” I nod; maybe, just maybe there was some hope for me after all.



--Roy POV—



I couldn’t just leave this girl alone, she was alone, scared and probably very tired from all that running. I can see in her eyes she was afraid of me, then again who can blame her? I killed her parents, now I am offering her to stay with me for the night; you would be a bit freak out wouldn’t you? Either way I am glad she took my offer, I am sure Full Metal would be glad I took her in, instead of some old or perverted military personal.



“My room isn’t too far from here, come on” I pointed out towards the end of a small street. Just a few blocks down was my Apt. which I try to keep clean and organized as possible; of course that didn’t always work very well. I sighed, I am sure Full Metal is extremely worried for this girl, but if she doesn’t want to go back, I can’t force her. She isn’t a little girl, slight younger than Riza by 9-10 years but she is still old enough to make her own decisions. ”So can I ask what Full Metal did?” Just a few more steps and we will reach my apartment building.


 I noticed her flinch in reaction to his name. I guess she just didn’t want to talk about. “The same thing he always does…” Now it was my turn to look at her confused. ‘The same thing he always does? So that means he has done it before?’ I wondered. “Wait, you meant to tell me you actually deal with this?  It must have been pretty bad this time, considering it made you run away from him like that.” I eyed her, to make sure she was ok.



“The same…” She repeated.



I decided it was best to just drop the subject, unless she felt the need to tell me something I am always open to listening. Before I knew it, we were waiting inside the elevator and going up to the floor of my small apartment.  Waiting for good few minutes, the elevator doors open and I step out, “Well we are almost there, in front of my apartment door that is.” I turn to face her once again. She still kept her head down, guess she really was depressed. I stop trying to find my keys. ‘Where did I put them’ I though. ‘Ah-ha!’ I though out loud, “Can’t hide from me!” I said to make some sort of joke, no luck; poor girl was stiff as a rock.



Opening the doors, I turn the lights on and sat my coat on the rack. Good thing I cleaned this house a few days ago, it’s not as dirty as it would be. Maybe a few clothes laying in my bed, but nothing too serious. I barely cook, so dishes aren’t my problem, the only thing I have some hard time is laundry. I shrug such a typical guy thing.




“Let me get you some clean clothes to wear, be right back” I said turning to see her once again. ‘She hasn’t move from that same spot since we got inside’ I though out loud, I highly doubt she is afraid of me now, just depress and tired.  I have to find something close to her size….if I ever find clean clothes that is.



--Winry POV—


I must had stood there like an idiot for at least 5 minutes, before Roy came back looking at me with worry eyes. “Here.” He offers his best and smallest t-shirt as he possibly could find. “The bathroom over there if you want to shower” He pointed the direction towards the small wooden frame door that stood near his kitchen.  “Thanks” I mumble softy.



It didn’t take me long to shower, just getting rid of the sweat I pick up from earlier and somewhat smell of oil that always remain in my body.  Stepping out of the bathroom with a long t-shirt, I stood perfectly still until Roy notice me once again.


“Hungry?” He asked.



“No…” I said flatly.



“Oh well” he sighed; I can tell he wanted me to get something to eat before I when to sleep. Wait…sleep? Where am I going to sleep? “Um…” I began to speak.


“Don’t worry, you can sleep in my bed, I can always take the couch”


“No!” I burst out yelling, he look at me startle. “I mean, is your house, not mine.” I defended myself. Grabbing a hold of my hands, I began to play with my fingers, god I felt so shame.


“Well is only for one night, I won’t die if you sleep in my bed, beside, you look like you got run over by a car.” I laughed; guess he notice because he smiled back.



“Thanks….” I bow to thank him.



“I am just glad you don’t hate me….” Now it was my time to be startle. “I mean after what I did to your parents, I didn’t think you would trust me.” I can tell he was trying to avoid my eyes, his face hidden behind his fangs. “I know what I did was wrong, and I don’t expect you to say forgive me fully but, I am really sorry…”



I had to cut him off, “Don’t worry, you were doing your job and there was no way to avoid it, either you killed them or someone else would have…Beside, I am sure you feel guilty as it is…And you helped the Elric’s for as long as I can remember so, I should be the one saying, Sorry for been so rude towards you. I didn’t know you and I misjudge you as one of them.”






“Military personal”



“Ah…well um…” He was actually stumbling? “I guess we are both sorry?” He tried to lighten the mood.



“Yeah…” I found myself smiling back at him.



“Well get some sleep, tomorrow sure, Full Metal would be looking for you all over the place.” He waived at me before heading towards the couch.


“Wait um…Colonel?”






“I know it may sound a bit demanding but…What IS Edward really up to? He doesn’t tell me anything and is frustrating. I want to help; I want to make his pain be some what gone. But he doesn’t let me through….” I felt myself in tears again, clinging myself to the t-shirt.



“Winry, What Edward is doing or may do is up to him, maybe the reason he isn’t telling you because he thinks you might actually try to get involve. What he does is…I won’t lie to you; is dangerous, and if he sees you get hurt or worst, killed; I don’t think Ed would live with himself knowing it was his fault and he could have prevented it. So maybe he just wants you to live your life in peace, away from people trying to hurt you to get to him. Then again who am I to judge? He barely tells me anything, I have to force it out of him.” Maybe Roy was right, maybe the reason he did it was to protect me but why does it still feel like he doesn’t think I can’t help him another way?



“He probably hates me right now…”



“Highly doubt it; he probably hates himself for he has done. I am sure Full Metal has his reasons for been the way he is, just waiting until tomorrow and maybe he might actually talk about it.”



Sometimes I think all I can do is wait…



“Yeah…” I tried to smile. “Maybe...” With that I turn around and headed towards the other room. Maybe he will open up to me? One can only hope. Sometimes for me, it seems like I am waiting forever.


--Next Day—


Morning came as quickly as Night left, stretching and yawing; I got up from the bed and began to clean up a bit of Roy mess. Is the least I can do for letting me sleep here? Slowly but steady I began to change my clothes, leaving his t-shirt on top of a chair at the corner of his room. Opening the doors, I called his name “Colonel?” I spoke. No answered.


I notice a small piece of paper on top of the counter of his kitchen and began to read it.


“Dear Winry,


Sorry for leaving you, I am sure you know how to get you way back to the Hotel. I didn’t want to wake you up just so you can come to my office and be bored to death until Full Metal came; beside you were sleeping so peacefully I couldn’t wake you. So I hope you feel better, and try to reason with Edward, he needs you more than you image.





I couldn’t help but find myself smiling. Roy wasn’t so bad of a character at all, he was actually much sweeter than Ed, and then again he was much older….Another giggle. “Well I guess I will leave to the Hotel now…” I smiled determent not to let Ed get to me once again. Beside, I deal with much worst than is; I am sure I will pull out fine. With that set, I began to walk towards the doors and out the building of Roy Apt.



--Ed POV—


Where is she!? I yelled inside my mind, I looked almost everywhere in Central. And still no sign of her. Even Al hasn’t return from the east side. God Winry why do you do this to me? Is this a punishment for letting you run off after you slapped me? I hope it is but please pray to god that you are safe.


“Where is Winry?” I burst out in front of Roy office. Why would I go there? ‘Maybe because that bastard might actually know something, he always does’ I smirked, I know Roy would help me search if I asked nicely, and I will do it for her too.


“Oh your friend, she is fine Full Metal.” What?



Took me a few minutes to register what he said, “How do you know?” I asked.



“She stayed with me over the night; she had a lot of issues thanks to you.” A Smirk, god I hated that damned cocky smirk he gave me. Wait a minute, Winry stayed with Roy over NIGHT!? “WHAT!?” I burst yelling out loud.


“Calm down Full Metal, I didn’t do anything to her; just offer her a place to stay for the night. I am sure she is on her way to the hotel by now. Beside I am much more decent than to go after minors.”


“Yeah right…” I whisper.


“I heard that Full Metal.” I roll my eyes, and began to walk out of the office but not before I turn around to tell him something. “By the way, Colonel….” I said as I took one last look at Roy before heading out the door “Thanks for taking care of her, I know I can be a pain in the ass, and I know she cares for me, but…Just hard to express himself-“



“Don’t worry Full Metal” I look at Roy smirking at me. “The girl has a strong at heart, she just confused and lost but she will get over it soon. Take care of her Full Metal; she is one heck of a girl you got there…”



I smiled, “Yeah…I know.” One last smile, one last turn before I carefully closed the door behind me. Maybe someday I will take Colonel Advice…For now; I just want to live my life helping those that need me.  Winry as been one of them.




~The End~



Too cute? Fluffy? I know, it was meant to be Roy/Winry Fanfic only but I couldn’t help and get my EdWin side in here too.  Sorry if Roy may be a little OCC, I am not good at writing someone as cocky as he is. XD Please Review =) *yes Crappy title, leave me alone*







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