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An ill-stated phrase

Title: An ill-stated phrase
Arc: None (or you can call it a one-shot)
Summary: Saying the wrong thing at the wrong time might gain you a lot of attention
Warnings: None
A/N: The bunny came from the song 'Bring me the Disco King' by David Bowie

“I wish I had never been born....”

He didn’t know why he said it... Hell he didn’t know why he even thought it. For some reason those words left his lips. And instead of no one listening, he found he held captive the greatest audience of them all.

He loathed the very same creatures that he had come to find gave him a reason to keep living... a mission in life. He hated them with everything in his being, and yet, he found that even his hate was simply just a reason to keep himself occupied.

He didn’t know why his thoughts finally came to that phrase, why it actually was outspoken. It was something he had actually heard leave the mouths of those filthy, lying humans quite often. And he was nothing like them... he was better than them... better than any of those fucking dirty little peons...

And yet he said that sentence... It stole his breath the instant he said it... the moment that last syllable left his tongue and passed his lips. The greatest audience in the world heard him, and it was more than happy to fulfill his request...

He found himself being pulled into the darkness, black wraith-like hands tearing at the flesh... pulling him into that sea of eyes... Oblivion at its best...

The sound of the door closing behind him... the laughter filling his ears...

“Don't let me know when you're opening the door
Close me in the dark, let me disappear
Soon there'll be nothing left of me
Nothing left to release”

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