PaperCut (papercut917) wrote in fm_alchemist,

just a couple card scans ^_^

I got a bunch of FMA cards at Suncoast today (the same ones they have at Hot Topic), so I just thought I'd post these two scans, since I haven't seen big versions of them anywhere, and I thought someone might want them... sorry if these have been posted before and I just didn't see them... feel free to delete this post if that's the case *hides* ^^;

(warning for dial-up users; these are over 200kb)

Ed, Al, & Winry
Roy & Riza

I got like 50 cards, but they're all screenshots and other images that everyone's seen before. It's just these two I don't remember seeing except for really small scans. Again, if this has been posted before, please don't hurt me. *flails* ^^;

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