Julia (feeprinzessin) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Another Song Parody...

Well, I've seen 'em floating around... And when I heard this song I just HAD to do it. If this is against the rules or anything just delete it.

I wrote this song to go to the tune of Homestarrunner.com's 'Lil' Brudder Short. If you've seen anything on Homestar then you'll probably understand this better... XD But if you haven't you could always check it out here Anyway, I don't have an mp3 or anything cause I'm a lazy butt, but see if you can fit the lyrics in with the song... I could.

Here comes Edward Elric.
He's got one leg up on life. (Just One!)
Lost his arm as well, bringing mom back from Hell.
But Winry fixed him up with automail.

Here comes Edward Elric.
He can, make it on his own
He went to Roy one day.
The Colenel said, "you're gay!
But we'll make you a State Alchemist anyway!"

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