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10 June 2005 @ 05:52 pm
Chapter 48 Script translation!  
I consider myself free from certain obligations now....so, um, I haven't post translations to the main comm for so long. =D If there's any mistakes or anything I should know, please tell me. I am but a sucky Padawan.

Page 1

Fullmetal Alchemist
Spread : A Homunculus Restrained!!
Ed : Got....
Al : ....him!!
Ling : I kept my end of the promise.
Ling : Here's the Homunculus!!
Scar : What is this...
Scar : What's going on?
Scar : A Homunculus!?

Page 2-3

Chapter 48 : The Promise of Those Who Wait
Ad : New comic vol. 11 coming out on 22nd July! Fullmetal Alchemist the movie, the Conquerer of Shambala, on a countrywide roadshow starting July 23rd!
Scar : Arrrrrrghh!! (Note : He sounds halfway between Urrrgh and Arrrgh, actually)

Page 4

Ed : Who's that....!?
Riza : Quick, hop on!
Riza : We're getting out of here!
Ling : Hn!!
Ling : *whatever sound you English speakers use when overexerting yourself*
Ed : Wait, First...(Note : Literally, it's "Wait, Hawk...", but since Ed calls Riza always "Hawkeye-chuui", which is "First Lt. Hawkeye", I think the change is more appropriate here)

Page 5

Riza : Shh!
Ed : ...ah...
Al : Wait...
Al : Wait a minute, First....
Ed : Al!!
Ed : The military police is watching! Act innocent! (Lit. "Make like we're unrelated!")
Al : Ah...
Police : She shot 'im!
Police: Is she a civilian? [Note : Fixed. I R STOOPID BWAR HA HA]
Police : Surround Scar!!
Ed : The Colonel might be a total pain, but we can depend on him. We'll wait until there's more information later.
Ed : Right now, it's first things first...

Page 6

Ed : Whoa!

Page 7

Ed : We've got him, Al!
Al : Mm!
Ed : For the Rockbell murder and all sorts of other things...
Al : We'll bring you out for judgement! (Note : I know all the words here, but somehow it makes NO sense. So, I sort of winged it)
Al : *surprised choky sound, kinda like 'Bwuh!?'*

Page 8

Ed : Huh?
Ed : *same kind of sound*
Mei : Are you all right, Scar-san!?

Page 9

Mei : What business do you have by approaching the servant of my savior, BEAN BOY!?
Police : What's this!? His ally!?
Police : Isn't she just a kid!?
Police : Miss, move away from there!!
Police : You want to get involved or what!?
Mei : Oh no!! We've been overwhelmed by superior numbers!! (Note : What Mei said here is "Mumu-" which is kinda a...short exclamation thing that I can't figure out what to use in English)
Mei : Then we shall withdraw here!!

Page 10

Ed : What!?
Police : Wha!!
Ed : Dammit---I can't see...
Ed : Dammit all...

Page 11

Ed : Scar----!!
Riza : We heard about you from Second Lt. Breda, Ling Yao.
Riza : I'll take you to our safe house right now. (Lit. "Hidden house")
Ling : Wait a minute!
Ling : There's a comrade of mine! Please pick her up!
Riza : Eh!? But we don't have time for that!?
Ling : I beg you!! She might be dying right now!!
Ling : She's waiting for me to get there!! (Lit. "She's waiting for me to pick her up")
Riza : ....please be quick about it, then.

Page 12

Bradley : Huh...
Bradley : Isn't that woman Mustang's pet dog...
Police : Wow, that's dangerous...
Police : Scared the pants out of me...
Bradley : So you did it, young one...
Loki : It's useless, Master! The next street's full of police patrols, too!

Page 13

Loki : Maybe we shouldn't move from here for a while...
Scar : Hn...
Mei : The bullet went through...
Mei : Anyway, we have to stop the blood...
Scar : What are you doing?
Mei : I'm closing up the wound with the Art of Elixirs. (Note : That's what I chose to translate Rentanjutsu too. =P)
Scar : ...!!
Loki : The blood's really stopped! That's amazing! You won't need doctors with a skill like that!
Mei : No, it's not really that super-powerful.

Page 14

Mei : Just as the Dragon Pulse flows in the earth, an energy also flows through the body of man...
Mei : I cannot heal the places where that flow has stopped.
Mei : I can't regrow lost limbs, either. (Note : not sure)
Loki : Is that so?
Mei : Scar-san's tattoo also seems to be a mix of the Art of Elixirs and this country's Alchemy...
Winry : Give them back!!
Scar : ....Do I
Scar : Have that look in my eyes as well...?
Scar : Can hatred begets nothing but hatred no matter where I go...?

Page 15

Loki : ? Did you say something?
Scar : ...No.
Loki : Uh-oh!! The police's closing in here! We've gotta run!
Mei : Okay!
Mei : Xiao Mei, let's go...
Mei : .........eh?
Ed : What's that thing?
Al : I just picked it up a bit before...

Page 16

Ed : Don't be so damned carefree in an emergency, you!! Throw it away!!
Al : But don't you pity the poor thing!? Look how it's shaking!
Ed : Isn't it just quivering from being held in those huge hands of yours!?
Al : Eh----?
Ed : *screech*
Ed : Throw it away! That beast!! Throw it out the window right now!!
Al : That's cruel, brother.
Al : Ah.
Al : It's all right.
Al : I'm not hurt. Calm down.

Page 17

Driver : We're there.
Police : This way, sir.
Ed : Thanks.
Al : Stay inside, okay?
Police : The woman with glasses shot...wearing a white coat, sir!
Police : Yes, sir.
Police : The car model? An S-14 Type?
Police : Ah. Looks like they've also got a bobble thing in there, too.

Page 18

Bradley : Hi.
Bradley : Fullmetal Alchemist.
Al : Fuhrer Bradley!
Ed : Why are you here...
Bradley : From what I'm told, did you not ask the police to take your childhood friend under their protection while the riot went on downtown?
Bradley : As the acquaintance of our precious talent,
Bradley : Of course we have to treat her with proper courtesy.
Bradley : Well then, miss, as the young man has arrived, the elderly shall take his leave.
Winry : Ah..yes, sir. Thank you very much.

Page 19

Bradley : A good, honest girl.
Bradley : Cherish her well.
Ed : What did you talk to him about?
Winry : Nothing...just something vague about having been your childhood friend and that we've always been together, that's all.
Ed : Hmm...
Winry : Ed
Winry : Since when did you know
Winry : About mom and dad?
Winry : You promised.
Winry : Won't you tell me everything?

Page 20

Winry : So...
Winry : Both mom and dad...spent their lives for other people, to the very last moment...
Winry : I'm relieved...mom and dad really are my pride.
Winry : Still, I want them to come back, more than anything...

Page 21

Winry : Waiting is painful...
Winry : It's scary.
Hotel Staff : Ah! This is great!
Hotel Staff : There's a phone call for you, Miss Rockbell.
Winry : Me?
Winry : Garfiel-san! What's the matter?
Garfiel : I'm sorry, Winry-chan. I thought I'd manage fine by myself, but really.

Page 22

Garfiel : All your customers are getting so~~~~~ noisy back here!
Old man : Please hurry and fix this thing--
Glassed man : I'm not going to let anyone but the miss touch this.
Tetsu : Hello, is that the miss? (Note : Miss is 'neechan' which is way less formal than 'miss', but I'm stupid) You still in Central?
Winry : Tetsu-kun?
Tetsu : Garfiel-san really just won't do.
Tetsu : It's better with Miss Winry checking the condition of my leg!
Garfiel : *angry sound*
Tetsu : It's really eew! When Garfiel-san looked at my leg, his eyes just get this lusty shine in them and stuff!
Garfiel : What did you say!? Lusty!? It's called sexy, kid, sexy!
Man : Not so---it's really just better to have a girl look at your legs, eh?
Old man : Before than, Winry-chan, wouldn't you fix my leg exterior?
Old man : You promised to install a lighter one for me~
Man : Sounds great...maybe I should get a lighter one myself, too.

Page 23

Tetsu : Just hurry and come back soon~
Tetsu : It really, really has to be you.
Paninya : Tea please, Garfiel-san!
Garfiel : I'm working here!!
Guest : Hello--huh? Is the miss still not back?
Guest : And I thought I'd finally get her to look at this.
Guest (upper left) : Come back soo-n.
Guest : Wah ha ha ha!
Voice : Ack!! You, don't do that!! (note : I'm not sure what's here, so I winged it)
Winry : ....Mm.
Winry : I'm sorry. I'll go back real soon.
Winry : Wait for me.
Winry : I'll try my best
Winry : I'll try my best...
Winry : Thank you...

Page 24

Ed : Is it really okay to go back alone?
Winry : Mm. Garfiel-san's going to pick me up at Rush Valley station and all.
Winry : -----back there...
Winry : Thank you for stopping me.
Winry : There's also people still waiting for me.
Winry : I wouldn't be able to face them again then.

Page 25

Mom : I'm coming in, Jean.
Mom : It's your retirement papers...
Havoc : Oh. Sorry, mother.
Mom : Wait, what are you doing!?
Havoc : Muscle excercise. I got it from Breda.
Mom : That's not what I asked!
Mom : Aren't your wounds still not completely healed yet!?
Havoc : But I just feel that my body's getting all weak~
Havoc : He said a retirement doesn't suit me...
Havoc : And my commanding officer said to hurry and follow him up...(Note : Not exactly 'follow', but I have no other phrasing better for the 'hurry and climb up to where I am' sense)

Page 26

Havoc : He's just cruel, that guy. Damn him.
Havoc : No patience whatsoever. (Note : I have no clue what he's saying here, actually)
Mom : Are you going to cancel your retirement?
Havoc : No. Even if I cling to them, I'll just a trouble to everyone in my current shape.
Havoc : I'll follow him somehow, even if I'm not in the military.
Mom : ....the rehabilitation will be hard.
Mom : That's what the doctor said.
Havoc : I'll endure.
Winry : I still haven't sorted through my feelings yet about mom and dad, but...

Page 27

Winry/Havoc : Everyone's waiting for me, so...
Winry/Havoc : Thanks to everyone, I'll endure.

Page 28

Winry : Don't forget to repair your automail.
Ed : Sure. (small letter : Not like I really need it, though)
Winry : I'll send you a good polishing oil next time, Al.
Al : Mm.
Winry : .......don't die,all right?
Ed : 'Course not!
Al : We won't!

Page 29

Ed : Next time...
Winry : Eh? What? I didn't hear you.
Al : Brother?
Al : Wait, brother! See you, Winry!
Winry : Ah....see you!
Winry : Now wait, Ed! You did say something!
Winry : I couldn't hear it, but I know!
Winry : What was that all about!?

Page 30

Ed : The next time you cry, it's going to be because you're happy!
Ed : Al and I will definitely get our bodies back, and you will be so happy you can't help crying!
Ed : Remember that!!
Winry : Yes, sir!

Page 31

Al : Teenager!?
Al : Brother, you stink of teenagerness!
Ed : Shut up, stupid!!
Al : You're going to have to keep that promise!
Ed : Have I ever broken any promises up to now!?
Al : Yes, so you have!
Ed : I'll be a State Alchemist.
Ed : So give me an arm and a leg that I can move of my own will.
Ed : Just one year!
Ed : Now we can't go back anymore.

Page 32

Winry : Ah...his back..
Winry : -----ah, so that's it....
Winry : Maybe......I may have fallen for that since forever.

Page 33

Ed : Colonel!
Roy : I asked at your hotel, and they say you're here.
Roy : The front of the hotel's just crawling with soldiers and the military police, you know.
Roy : If you go back like this, we might not be able to get you out.
Ed : Ah! Yeah, there's that thing about Scar getting away...
Al : It'll be annoying if we're stuck with escorts again, 'course.
Ed : How's that Homunculus doing?
Roy : I've got contact from the First Lieutenant saying she's already reached the empty house in the suburbs. We're going there.

Page 34

Roy : Is there anyone following us? Look behind the car, would you?
Ed : Roger that.
Ed : ....isn't your wound still healing?
Ed : Is it okay for you to drive?
Roy : I'm running out of chess pieces to move.
Roy : It looks like there's no choice except to make the move myself.
Ed : Running out of friends, I see. Isn't that just you being unpopular?
Al : Don't say that.
Roy : I don't want to hear that coming from you, you know.
Roy : ....I'm going to pick up one more person along the way.

Page 35

Knox : Why did you come?
Roy : There's a heavily wounded casualty. We need a doctor.
Knox : So get one of those.
Roy : There'll be trouble if our identity is discovered, so we can't.

Page 36

Knox : ....one of those dangerous bridges again?
Knox : Shithead boy.
Roy : Finishing this conversation quickly will be helpful...'accomplice'.
Roy : --------though I want to say that, I won't.
Roy : You have a family, if I recall.
Roy : If it's a trouble for you, saying no is fine.
Knox : I'll go get my tools. Wait here.
Roy : Is that all right?
Knox : I don't mind.
Knox : My wife and I seperated long ago, right after I returned from Ishvar.

Page 37

Knox : You were walking around in the sewers with your arm cut off!?
Knox : You could've gotten tetanus!
Knox : I haven't worked with anything but corpses recently.
Knox : This may be a bit rough.
Knox : Miss, press down the shoulders.
Riza : Yes, sir.
Lan Fan : ~~~~!!
Knox : Bring the lamp closer, would you?
Riza : All right.

Page 38

Ed : ....sorry.
Ling : 'I got you all involved', right?
Ling : What's with that face?
Ling : Don't misunderstand me.
Ling : I said this would be a joint warfare.
Ling : We were the ones who proposed the idea first, and we joined our forces only because it's a deal of convenience. There's no need for me to bear ill toward you in the least.
Ling : We came out of our land prepared for such sacrifices when we set out for immortality.

Page 39

Ling : ....Yes.
Ling : I should've been prepared since I began bearing the fate of my House.
Ling : I did not prepare enough.
Ling : I am much too soft.
Ling : Even Lan Fan is more prepared than I am.
Al : Is she all right?
Ed : Is there anything we can do?
Roy : I'll leave perimeter patrol to you.

Page 40

Lan Fan : A mechanical arm...
Lan Fan : There seems to be a thing called automail in this country.
Lan Fan : Since I no longer have my arm...
Lan Fan : I need a replacement for it...
Ed : Ah.
Ed : I'll introduce you to a good mechanic.

Page 41

Roy : She's strong.
Ling : Ah. I'm proud to call her my retainer.
Ling : Umm...
Roy : Ah. I've been late in making introductions.
Roy : Roy Mustang, a Colonel of the national army.
Roy : I've heard about you. An Imperial Prince of Xing, correct?
Ling : The Twelfth Son of the Xing Imperial Family, Ling Yao. I thank you for making arrangements for the doctor.
Roy : I also have to thank you for your help with the case of Maria Ross.
Ling : No, it may be a secret, but I consider it a blessing to have a connection with an army Colonel of Amestris.

Page 42

Roy : True.
Roy : I also consider the opportunity to make an acquaintance with the Xingian Imperial Family a great find for the future.
Roy : But the biggest find is...
Knox : ....hey, what is this thing?
Roy : A Homunculus called 'Gluttony'.

Page 43

Knox : Ho...
Roy : Careful. They've got the Philosopher's Stone inside them, so they won't die easily.
Knox : ...
Roy : They'll die if you kill them repeatedly, though.
Knox : Am I stupid? Or are you insane?
Roy : How about neither? (Note : He actually said just "Neither")
Roy : The Philosopher's Stone is created by sacrificing a large number of living humans.
Roy : And a monster created with that Stone as its nucleus...that's the Homunculus.
Roy : Furthermore, they seem to be connected to the some of the military's top brass in some way.

Page 44

Roy : Maes Hughes seemed to have noticed this dark side of the military, you know. And They killed him.
Knox : Really!?
Ling : The top brass!? That's not it at all!
Roy : What!?
Ling : King Bradley,
Ling : There's a possibility that he's also a Homunculus!
Everyone : ................huh?

Page 45

Ling : Under his eyepatch....there's their mark in his eye!
Ling : He drove me in a corner along with Gluttony!
Ed : That's impossible! (said in a "WTF" way)
Al : The leader of this country is a Homunculus!?
Ed : What are his plans...
Ed : ....and if he's a Homunculus, how come his family hasn't noticed anything!?
Ling : I don't know about that, but while I sense many humans inside Gluttony, I don't sense such a thing from Bradley.
Ling : He feels just like any human do.
Al : But the books say Homunculi are lifeforms that are incapable of reproduction...
Al : Doesn't the Fuhrer have a child?
Knox : Ah.
Knox : But his son, Selim, is adopted.
Knox : He's not the Fuhrer's own flesh-and-blood son.

Page 46

Ed&Al : ......
Roy : Hah!!
Roy : Monster or human...
Roy : Either way, this'll make it that much easier to drag him down from the Fuhrer's seat!
Roy : We'll start with getting information out of Gluttony.
Roy : And if we can, retrieve that Philosopher's Stone.
Roy : Maybe I can use it for my subordinate's medial treatment.
Ling : Hey, hey, hey!
Ling : He's the clue to immortality that Lan Fan gave her arm for! We'll have him taken back to Xing right now!
Ed : Wait a minute here!!

Page 47

Ed : We've been searching for that thing for ages, too, to get our bodies back! I won't forgive you for running off with it!
Roy : That's right! You're illegal immigrants, correct? Do you think you can smuggle Gluttony out without our assistance?
Knox : Ugh----I can't follow the conversation anymore. I'll be going back now, Mustang. (Note : He actually says "Mustang-san", but it's in a sarcastic way. I think that cutting the -san out will preserve the sarcasm more in Englsih)
Roy : What!?
Roy : Wait! Stay a bit for the majority vote!
Ed : That's cheating, Colonel!
Ed : That's why I hate dirty grown-ups, arrgh!
Ling : (I cannot make out what he said, but he's arguing for his side, seems)
Gluttony : Mustang...?
Gluttony : Mustang...
Gluttony : Killed Lust...
Gluttony : Lust...
Gluttony : Colonel Mustang...
Gluttony : Roy Mustang!!
Spread : Gluttony awakens!?


X-posted, my own LJ.
oceanoceanizer on June 10th, 2005 04:26 pm (UTC)
Good job over all ^^ Some suggestion from me, if you don't mind. (Can you, if possible, give me some input, too? I don't get inputs from people who knows both Japanese and English so often .__. Mine can be found here after the registration: http://www.kefi.org/forum/index.php?topic=214.0 If you don't want to register, then it's okay, I'll just try to improve myself ^^; )

>Ed : Wait, First...(Note : Literally, it's "Wait, Hawk...", but since Ed calls Riza always "Hawkeye-chuui", which is "First Lt. Hawkeye", I think the change is more appropriate here)
Oh yeah, good thought, I didn't think of that +_+

>Police: Is she a [I have a feeling I KNOW this kanji. I just can't remember it. ;_; ]?
I don't have the raw atm, but I think it was 一般人? いっぱんじん, ordinary citizen. I translated it as "MP (written): Is he an ordinary citizen?"

>Al : We'll bring you out for judgement! (Note : I know all the words here, but somehow it makes NO sense. So, I sort of winged it)
My choice: "Al: We'll ask you to come to the respective authority and be judged."

>Mei : What business do you have by approaching the servant of my savior, BEAN BOY!?
Oh I think I misunderstood the sentense in my trans -__- I thought slave=savior... instead of it's savior's slave...

>Mei : I can't regrow lost limbs, either. (Note : not sure)
Girl: Oh, and we cannot grow any arm that you don't have.

>Voice : Ack!! You, don't do that!! (note : I'm not sure what's here, so I winged it)
???: Ah!! You're drunk, aren't you!?

>Havoc : No patience whatsoever. (Note : I have no clue what he's saying here, actually)</i>
Jan: I won't just sit and relax any more.
summerwolf on June 10th, 2005 07:55 pm (UTC)
IPPANJIN. *facepalm* I so knew he was saying something about 'civilian'. But my eyes mixed the two kanjis of ippan into ONE kanji. >_> Gawd, that WAS stupid. >_> Thank you for the heads up.

On Havoc : Isn't that kind of contextually weird judging from how he's basically complaining about Roy and inferring that he's going to do something because of that goddamned man instead of saying it straight out? Um, don't mind me.

I'll look into the forums once I get back to my own PC. =O It's a pain to do anything in this one.

And thanks for all the tips. =D

devils_devotion on June 10th, 2005 04:29 pm (UTC)
...Hunh. I shouldn't have been laughing at this so much, but...yeah. I was. :P It probably won't make me laugh in scanslation form, but as straight text...

Hee hee hee.
summerwolf on June 10th, 2005 07:57 pm (UTC)
Because of all the random talking back and forth in the background?
(Deleted comment)
miki05 on June 10th, 2005 06:05 pm (UTC)
LOL that's what I say COME OUT JULY!
Mariana: must Protectmaliza on June 10th, 2005 07:06 pm (UTC)
LOL. The icon. <3

Thanks once again summer *glomps*
devils_devotion on June 10th, 2005 08:03 pm (UTC)
...Your icon amuses the hell outta me, despite my aversion to the pairing. I don't know why, but it makes me giggle like a loon.
氷curucar on June 10th, 2005 08:14 pm (UTC)
Temporary sanity! Much thanks! Though my finger is dead from clicking back and forth so much from this page to the scans that I have... @_@
Saya Aenslandsaya_aensland on June 11th, 2005 11:01 am (UTC)
Yoki, not Loki.