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Chapter 48 Script translation!

I consider myself free from certain obligations, um, I haven't post translations to the main comm for so long. =D If there's any mistakes or anything I should know, please tell me. I am but a sucky Padawan.

Page 1

Fullmetal Alchemist
Spread : A Homunculus Restrained!!
Ed : Got....
Al : ....him!!
Ling : I kept my end of the promise.
Ling : Here's the Homunculus!!
Scar : What is this...
Scar : What's going on?
Scar : A Homunculus!?

Page 2-3

Chapter 48 : The Promise of Those Who Wait
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Scar : Arrrrrrghh!! (Note : He sounds halfway between Urrrgh and Arrrgh, actually)

Page 4

Ed : Who's that....!?
Riza : Quick, hop on!
Riza : We're getting out of here!
Ling : Hn!!
Ling : *whatever sound you English speakers use when overexerting yourself*
Ed : Wait, First...(Note : Literally, it's "Wait, Hawk...", but since Ed calls Riza always "Hawkeye-chuui", which is "First Lt. Hawkeye", I think the change is more appropriate here)

Page 5

Riza : Shh!
Ed : ...ah...
Al : Wait...
Al : Wait a minute, First....
Ed : Al!!
Ed : The military police is watching! Act innocent! (Lit. "Make like we're unrelated!")
Al : Ah...
Police : She shot 'im!
Police: Is she a civilian? [Note : Fixed. I R STOOPID BWAR HA HA]
Police : Surround Scar!!
Ed : The Colonel might be a total pain, but we can depend on him. We'll wait until there's more information later.
Ed : Right now, it's first things first...

Page 6

Ed : Whoa!

Page 7

Ed : We've got him, Al!
Al : Mm!
Ed : For the Rockbell murder and all sorts of other things...
Al : We'll bring you out for judgement! (Note : I know all the words here, but somehow it makes NO sense. So, I sort of winged it)
Al : *surprised choky sound, kinda like 'Bwuh!?'*

Page 8

Ed : Huh?
Ed : *same kind of sound*
Mei : Are you all right, Scar-san!?

Page 9

Mei : What business do you have by approaching the servant of my savior, BEAN BOY!?
Police : What's this!? His ally!?
Police : Isn't she just a kid!?
Police : Miss, move away from there!!
Police : You want to get involved or what!?
Mei : Oh no!! We've been overwhelmed by superior numbers!! (Note : What Mei said here is "Mumu-" which is kinda a...short exclamation thing that I can't figure out what to use in English)
Mei : Then we shall withdraw here!!

Page 10

Ed : What!?
Police : Wha!!
Ed : Dammit---I can't see...
Ed : Dammit all...

Page 11

Ed : Scar----!!
Riza : We heard about you from Second Lt. Breda, Ling Yao.
Riza : I'll take you to our safe house right now. (Lit. "Hidden house")
Ling : Wait a minute!
Ling : There's a comrade of mine! Please pick her up!
Riza : Eh!? But we don't have time for that!?
Ling : I beg you!! She might be dying right now!!
Ling : She's waiting for me to get there!! (Lit. "She's waiting for me to pick her up")
Riza : ....please be quick about it, then.

Page 12

Bradley : Huh...
Bradley : Isn't that woman Mustang's pet dog...
Police : Wow, that's dangerous...
Police : Scared the pants out of me...
Bradley : So you did it, young one...
Loki : It's useless, Master! The next street's full of police patrols, too!

Page 13

Loki : Maybe we shouldn't move from here for a while...
Scar : Hn...
Mei : The bullet went through...
Mei : Anyway, we have to stop the blood...
Scar : What are you doing?
Mei : I'm closing up the wound with the Art of Elixirs. (Note : That's what I chose to translate Rentanjutsu too. =P)
Scar : ...!!
Loki : The blood's really stopped! That's amazing! You won't need doctors with a skill like that!
Mei : No, it's not really that super-powerful.

Page 14

Mei : Just as the Dragon Pulse flows in the earth, an energy also flows through the body of man...
Mei : I cannot heal the places where that flow has stopped.
Mei : I can't regrow lost limbs, either. (Note : not sure)
Loki : Is that so?
Mei : Scar-san's tattoo also seems to be a mix of the Art of Elixirs and this country's Alchemy...
Winry : Give them back!!
Scar : ....Do I
Scar : Have that look in my eyes as well...?
Scar : Can hatred begets nothing but hatred no matter where I go...?

Page 15

Loki : ? Did you say something?
Scar : ...No.
Loki : Uh-oh!! The police's closing in here! We've gotta run!
Mei : Okay!
Mei : Xiao Mei, let's go...
Mei :
Ed : What's that thing?
Al : I just picked it up a bit before...

Page 16

Ed : Don't be so damned carefree in an emergency, you!! Throw it away!!
Al : But don't you pity the poor thing!? Look how it's shaking!
Ed : Isn't it just quivering from being held in those huge hands of yours!?
Al : Eh----?
Ed : *screech*
Ed : Throw it away! That beast!! Throw it out the window right now!!
Al : That's cruel, brother.
Al : Ah.
Al : It's all right.
Al : I'm not hurt. Calm down.

Page 17

Driver : We're there.
Police : This way, sir.
Ed : Thanks.
Al : Stay inside, okay?
Police : The woman with glasses shot...wearing a white coat, sir!
Police : Yes, sir.
Police : The car model? An S-14 Type?
Police : Ah. Looks like they've also got a bobble thing in there, too.

Page 18

Bradley : Hi.
Bradley : Fullmetal Alchemist.
Al : Fuhrer Bradley!
Ed : Why are you here...
Bradley : From what I'm told, did you not ask the police to take your childhood friend under their protection while the riot went on downtown?
Bradley : As the acquaintance of our precious talent,
Bradley : Of course we have to treat her with proper courtesy.
Bradley : Well then, miss, as the young man has arrived, the elderly shall take his leave.
Winry : Ah..yes, sir. Thank you very much.

Page 19

Bradley : A good, honest girl.
Bradley : Cherish her well.
Ed : What did you talk to him about?
Winry : Nothing...just something vague about having been your childhood friend and that we've always been together, that's all.
Ed : Hmm...
Winry : Ed
Winry : Since when did you know
Winry : About mom and dad?
Winry : You promised.
Winry : Won't you tell me everything?

Page 20

Winry : So...
Winry : Both mom and dad...spent their lives for other people, to the very last moment...
Winry : I'm and dad really are my pride.
Winry : Still, I want them to come back, more than anything...

Page 21

Winry : Waiting is painful...
Winry : It's scary.
Hotel Staff : Ah! This is great!
Hotel Staff : There's a phone call for you, Miss Rockbell.
Winry : Me?
Winry : Garfiel-san! What's the matter?
Garfiel : I'm sorry, Winry-chan. I thought I'd manage fine by myself, but really.

Page 22

Garfiel : All your customers are getting so~~~~~ noisy back here!
Old man : Please hurry and fix this thing--
Glassed man : I'm not going to let anyone but the miss touch this.
Tetsu : Hello, is that the miss? (Note : Miss is 'neechan' which is way less formal than 'miss', but I'm stupid) You still in Central?
Winry : Tetsu-kun?
Tetsu : Garfiel-san really just won't do.
Tetsu : It's better with Miss Winry checking the condition of my leg!
Garfiel : *angry sound*
Tetsu : It's really eew! When Garfiel-san looked at my leg, his eyes just get this lusty shine in them and stuff!
Garfiel : What did you say!? Lusty!? It's called sexy, kid, sexy!
Man : Not so---it's really just better to have a girl look at your legs, eh?
Old man : Before than, Winry-chan, wouldn't you fix my leg exterior?
Old man : You promised to install a lighter one for me~
Man : Sounds great...maybe I should get a lighter one myself, too.

Page 23

Tetsu : Just hurry and come back soon~
Tetsu : It really, really has to be you.
Paninya : Tea please, Garfiel-san!
Garfiel : I'm working here!!
Guest : Hello--huh? Is the miss still not back?
Guest : And I thought I'd finally get her to look at this.
Guest (upper left) : Come back soo-n.
Guest : Wah ha ha ha!
Voice : Ack!! You, don't do that!! (note : I'm not sure what's here, so I winged it)
Winry : ....Mm.
Winry : I'm sorry. I'll go back real soon.
Winry : Wait for me.
Winry : I'll try my best
Winry : I'll try my best...
Winry : Thank you...

Page 24

Ed : Is it really okay to go back alone?
Winry : Mm. Garfiel-san's going to pick me up at Rush Valley station and all.
Winry : -----back there...
Winry : Thank you for stopping me.
Winry : There's also people still waiting for me.
Winry : I wouldn't be able to face them again then.

Page 25

Mom : I'm coming in, Jean.
Mom : It's your retirement papers...
Havoc : Oh. Sorry, mother.
Mom : Wait, what are you doing!?
Havoc : Muscle excercise. I got it from Breda.
Mom : That's not what I asked!
Mom : Aren't your wounds still not completely healed yet!?
Havoc : But I just feel that my body's getting all weak~
Havoc : He said a retirement doesn't suit me...
Havoc : And my commanding officer said to hurry and follow him up...(Note : Not exactly 'follow', but I have no other phrasing better for the 'hurry and climb up to where I am' sense)

Page 26

Havoc : He's just cruel, that guy. Damn him.
Havoc : No patience whatsoever. (Note : I have no clue what he's saying here, actually)
Mom : Are you going to cancel your retirement?
Havoc : No. Even if I cling to them, I'll just a trouble to everyone in my current shape.
Havoc : I'll follow him somehow, even if I'm not in the military.
Mom : ....the rehabilitation will be hard.
Mom : That's what the doctor said.
Havoc : I'll endure.
Winry : I still haven't sorted through my feelings yet about mom and dad, but...

Page 27

Winry/Havoc : Everyone's waiting for me, so...
Winry/Havoc : Thanks to everyone, I'll endure.

Page 28

Winry : Don't forget to repair your automail.
Ed : Sure. (small letter : Not like I really need it, though)
Winry : I'll send you a good polishing oil next time, Al.
Al : Mm.
Winry : .......don't die,all right?
Ed : 'Course not!
Al : We won't!

Page 29

Ed : Next time...
Winry : Eh? What? I didn't hear you.
Al : Brother?
Al : Wait, brother! See you, Winry!
Winry : Ah....see you!
Winry : Now wait, Ed! You did say something!
Winry : I couldn't hear it, but I know!
Winry : What was that all about!?

Page 30

Ed : The next time you cry, it's going to be because you're happy!
Ed : Al and I will definitely get our bodies back, and you will be so happy you can't help crying!
Ed : Remember that!!
Winry : Yes, sir!

Page 31

Al : Teenager!?
Al : Brother, you stink of teenagerness!
Ed : Shut up, stupid!!
Al : You're going to have to keep that promise!
Ed : Have I ever broken any promises up to now!?
Al : Yes, so you have!
Ed : I'll be a State Alchemist.
Ed : So give me an arm and a leg that I can move of my own will.
Ed : Just one year!
Ed : Now we can't go back anymore.

Page 32

Winry : Ah...his back..
Winry : -----ah, so that's it....
Winry : Maybe......I may have fallen for that since forever.

Page 33

Ed : Colonel!
Roy : I asked at your hotel, and they say you're here.
Roy : The front of the hotel's just crawling with soldiers and the military police, you know.
Roy : If you go back like this, we might not be able to get you out.
Ed : Ah! Yeah, there's that thing about Scar getting away...
Al : It'll be annoying if we're stuck with escorts again, 'course.
Ed : How's that Homunculus doing?
Roy : I've got contact from the First Lieutenant saying she's already reached the empty house in the suburbs. We're going there.

Page 34

Roy : Is there anyone following us? Look behind the car, would you?
Ed : Roger that.
Ed : ....isn't your wound still healing?
Ed : Is it okay for you to drive?
Roy : I'm running out of chess pieces to move.
Roy : It looks like there's no choice except to make the move myself.
Ed : Running out of friends, I see. Isn't that just you being unpopular?
Al : Don't say that.
Roy : I don't want to hear that coming from you, you know.
Roy : ....I'm going to pick up one more person along the way.

Page 35

Knox : Why did you come?
Roy : There's a heavily wounded casualty. We need a doctor.
Knox : So get one of those.
Roy : There'll be trouble if our identity is discovered, so we can't.

Page 36

Knox : of those dangerous bridges again?
Knox : Shithead boy.
Roy : Finishing this conversation quickly will be helpful...'accomplice'.
Roy : --------though I want to say that, I won't.
Roy : You have a family, if I recall.
Roy : If it's a trouble for you, saying no is fine.
Knox : I'll go get my tools. Wait here.
Roy : Is that all right?
Knox : I don't mind.
Knox : My wife and I seperated long ago, right after I returned from Ishvar.

Page 37

Knox : You were walking around in the sewers with your arm cut off!?
Knox : You could've gotten tetanus!
Knox : I haven't worked with anything but corpses recently.
Knox : This may be a bit rough.
Knox : Miss, press down the shoulders.
Riza : Yes, sir.
Lan Fan : ~~~~!!
Knox : Bring the lamp closer, would you?
Riza : All right.

Page 38

Ed : ....sorry.
Ling : 'I got you all involved', right?
Ling : What's with that face?
Ling : Don't misunderstand me.
Ling : I said this would be a joint warfare.
Ling : We were the ones who proposed the idea first, and we joined our forces only because it's a deal of convenience. There's no need for me to bear ill toward you in the least.
Ling : We came out of our land prepared for such sacrifices when we set out for immortality.

Page 39

Ling : ....Yes.
Ling : I should've been prepared since I began bearing the fate of my House.
Ling : I did not prepare enough.
Ling : I am much too soft.
Ling : Even Lan Fan is more prepared than I am.
Al : Is she all right?
Ed : Is there anything we can do?
Roy : I'll leave perimeter patrol to you.

Page 40

Lan Fan : A mechanical arm...
Lan Fan : There seems to be a thing called automail in this country.
Lan Fan : Since I no longer have my arm...
Lan Fan : I need a replacement for it...
Ed : Ah.
Ed : I'll introduce you to a good mechanic.

Page 41

Roy : She's strong.
Ling : Ah. I'm proud to call her my retainer.
Ling : Umm...
Roy : Ah. I've been late in making introductions.
Roy : Roy Mustang, a Colonel of the national army.
Roy : I've heard about you. An Imperial Prince of Xing, correct?
Ling : The Twelfth Son of the Xing Imperial Family, Ling Yao. I thank you for making arrangements for the doctor.
Roy : I also have to thank you for your help with the case of Maria Ross.
Ling : No, it may be a secret, but I consider it a blessing to have a connection with an army Colonel of Amestris.

Page 42

Roy : True.
Roy : I also consider the opportunity to make an acquaintance with the Xingian Imperial Family a great find for the future.
Roy : But the biggest find is...
Knox : ....hey, what is this thing?
Roy : A Homunculus called 'Gluttony'.

Page 43

Knox : Ho...
Roy : Careful. They've got the Philosopher's Stone inside them, so they won't die easily.
Knox : ...
Roy : They'll die if you kill them repeatedly, though.
Knox : Am I stupid? Or are you insane?
Roy : How about neither? (Note : He actually said just "Neither")
Roy : The Philosopher's Stone is created by sacrificing a large number of living humans.
Roy : And a monster created with that Stone as its nucleus...that's the Homunculus.
Roy : Furthermore, they seem to be connected to the some of the military's top brass in some way.

Page 44

Roy : Maes Hughes seemed to have noticed this dark side of the military, you know. And They killed him.
Knox : Really!?
Ling : The top brass!? That's not it at all!
Roy : What!?
Ling : King Bradley,
Ling : There's a possibility that he's also a Homunculus!
Everyone : ................huh?

Page 45

Ling : Under his eyepatch....there's their mark in his eye!
Ling : He drove me in a corner along with Gluttony!
Ed : That's impossible! (said in a "WTF" way)
Al : The leader of this country is a Homunculus!?
Ed : What are his plans...
Ed : ....and if he's a Homunculus, how come his family hasn't noticed anything!?
Ling : I don't know about that, but while I sense many humans inside Gluttony, I don't sense such a thing from Bradley.
Ling : He feels just like any human do.
Al : But the books say Homunculi are lifeforms that are incapable of reproduction...
Al : Doesn't the Fuhrer have a child?
Knox : Ah.
Knox : But his son, Selim, is adopted.
Knox : He's not the Fuhrer's own flesh-and-blood son.

Page 46

Ed&Al : ......
Roy : Hah!!
Roy : Monster or human...
Roy : Either way, this'll make it that much easier to drag him down from the Fuhrer's seat!
Roy : We'll start with getting information out of Gluttony.
Roy : And if we can, retrieve that Philosopher's Stone.
Roy : Maybe I can use it for my subordinate's medial treatment.
Ling : Hey, hey, hey!
Ling : He's the clue to immortality that Lan Fan gave her arm for! We'll have him taken back to Xing right now!
Ed : Wait a minute here!!

Page 47

Ed : We've been searching for that thing for ages, too, to get our bodies back! I won't forgive you for running off with it!
Roy : That's right! You're illegal immigrants, correct? Do you think you can smuggle Gluttony out without our assistance?
Knox : Ugh----I can't follow the conversation anymore. I'll be going back now, Mustang. (Note : He actually says "Mustang-san", but it's in a sarcastic way. I think that cutting the -san out will preserve the sarcasm more in Englsih)
Roy : What!?
Roy : Wait! Stay a bit for the majority vote!
Ed : That's cheating, Colonel!
Ed : That's why I hate dirty grown-ups, arrgh!
Ling : (I cannot make out what he said, but he's arguing for his side, seems)
Gluttony : Mustang...?
Gluttony : Mustang...
Gluttony : Killed Lust...
Gluttony : Lust...
Gluttony : Colonel Mustang...
Gluttony : Roy Mustang!!
Spread : Gluttony awakens!?


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