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Project: A-KON 16 Convention Report (LONG)

It's been a week so I've had some time to put all my thoughts together and get all the stuff that happened together in my head. It's long, I know, so if you don't read it all, it's all good. I made some highlights for you guys so you don't have to, lol.

Highlights So You Don't Have To Read It All:
- UTA Visitation
- Meeting Steven and Mark from
- Meeting all my internet buddies
- Seeing Star Wars with all my internet buddies

- Wasting money in the dealers room
- VA Panels
- Pizza in Ten's room

- Planetes
- Green's B-Day
- Doc's Movie
- Mike's Directing Panel
- Fullmetal Fantasy
- Meeting Aaron! =D
- DDR with Kevin
- Hanging out with Mark, Steven, Green, and Mike until 3 AM

- Church
- Hanging with the guys
- Corrupting everyone to liking Gunslinger Girl on the way home >D


The con experience definitely started Wednesday night even if the con didn't start until Friday.

Gram got to the house around 6 PM and that was initially about an hour before I was planning on going out and picking up Liz and Kristina to have them sleep over so we could leave early. But everyone wanted to go out and eat because we don't see Gram all that much so we went out to Rolla to go to Applebees. We ended up picking Liz up on the way home around 8 PM and our moms finally got to meet and her parents got to meet Gram. Then we dropped my family off and went to get Kristina.

We dropped all our stuff in my room and just talked about things and the coming weekend while we were waiting for my grandmother to come kick us out so she could sleep. Eventually we just went downstairs and she went up and slept. Dad was doing his homework on the computer so Kristina and Liz watched home improvement shows while I ran around making sure we had everything together. When dad was done I got online and I printed out all the maps we'd need and some other information. At the same time I was talking to Steven from on the internet too. Around midnight he was just like "You know what, just call me." So I did right as the Fullmetal Alchemist repeat came on. We talked through that and I got to talk to his friend Mark and then we finally hung up after a little over half an hour. Then we kept talking online. We did that whole "Zomfg so excited, can't wait" thing, lol. Eventually I got to bed around 1:22 AM


Now THIS was a fun day, hehe. =D

We got up around four in the morning after sleeping for a little over three hours. We all showered and dressed and then packed the car. That took a little less than an hour. Kristina called Brian and told him we were leaving the house and that he needed to get ready. It's REALLY early morning at this point and we're all trying to navigate the back streets of Missouri. We got there though, picked up Brian and met his mom who walked out with him. Our trunk was already packed but we were able to manage to wedge his stuff in there too. Then we finally started off towards Dallas around 5:15 AM.

The car ride was pretty entertaining really. I sat in the back with Brian and Kristina while Liz sat in front. I was behind Gram who was driving, too, so my right ear was towards the portable DVD player and Brian and Kristina so I was able to actually hear everyone. We slept a little at first but within just a few hours we started watching my Fullmetal Alchemist DVDs. Which was a good thing; together, the first two DVDs were about four hours. We put in the Gunslinger Girl DVD but me and Liz fell asleep and Brian and Kristina watched it. Liz got up (and then woke me up) after that episode was done and so we decided to turn it off because she was the only one who hadn't seen the first episode by that point. We had Nadesico and Golden Boy left to watch so everyone was like "Hey! Let's watch Golden Boy!"

Image hosted by
Me in the car, actually awake at this point... I think we're watching Fullmetal Alchemist...

For the sake of all that is good, never watch that show. It's jut so perverted.... it's funny but just completely disturbing. It's just not the kind of show that anyone should ever watch.

We got near Arlington around 2:30 PM which was what we had been hoping for. I was going to do campus tour at the University of Texas Arlington because I really want to go there, lol. I called my friend Caitlin to let her know we were almost there and we ended up getting to the campus early.

Had a blast walking around Arlington and seeing everything there was to see. UTA is a really kickass campus so if you're considering going to school in Texas, give it a look

Anyways, after the tour I said goodbye to her and that I'd see her at the convention. My grandmother and Liz had come out to get me and Liz ragged on me about how they had been so bored and had to call Sean from back home because he didn't leave his friends. But, you know, I had a total blast and they did too later in the weekend so they got over it, lol. I loved UTA and I can't wait to get back there.

But really, at that point I just couldn't wait to get to the hotel. And I guess everyone else couldn't wait for me to get there either. I got SOOOO many calls on my cellphone in that half hour before I got to the hotel than I had the entire drive, lol. So I was yelling into my phone fighting my bad reception, talking and laughing to everyone. Liz was taking pictures and Brian and Kristina were laying all over each other just looking really forward to getting out of the car, lol. Well, we get into Dallas and start driving down Elm looking for Olive but ... no luck. We ended up lost on the Grassy Knoll. Gram jumped out of the car to go talk to tourists with a map, I'm yelling into my phone and people trying to figure out where we are, and the guys are all like "Dude, we're parked illegally, you guys realize that right?" But, eventually we figured out where we were supposed to be.

Image hosted by
Kristina and Brian messing around as we near Dallas.

Image hosted by
Me on the phone!

Image hosted by
Me STILL on the phone.

We got to the hotel and Gram jumped out of the car and checked us in. Then we went over to the parking garage and parked up high on like the fifth level. We had to grab all we could and drag it up to our room on the 29th floor. In the end it turned out we had about half of what we really needed but we dealt with that for the first night.

We weren't in the room for long. We grabbed what we needed, said goodbye to Gram, and rushed over to the convention center. I was actually on the phone first with Steven and Mark and we walked to the back of the line where they were. It was good to actually mee them and we got in line with them. But I knew that my other friends had gotten there really early and were in line upfront. So I left Liz, Brian, and Kristina with Mark in line and took Steven to go find them. I saw a lot of them up front and met everyone then took Steven back to get the rest. Four or five of them in line couldn't get their registration until later with the others in their group of ten. So we basically switched place with them and got our things taken care of. I got Ten and Hitmom at my name letter so I got to bug them which was fun.

Once we were all pre-regged we ran off to talk with everyone else. We had gotten to the hotel around 5:30 PM and pre-reg opened at 6:00 PM or something like that. So we had about an hour to kill after we pre-regged before it was time to go catch the train for Star Wars. (We all decided to go to Star Wars because what else were we going to do that night?)

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
Our train =D

The DART ride was pretty cool. I've only ever ridden the NYC subways before and it was a bit different. And it was really fast. We got to our stop in just a few minutes then proceeded up the mountain of stairs and escalators. We got up to the top and Sanna started trying to figure out where we were supposed to be. As it turns out, we went up on the wrong side of the highway. So we had to go ALL THE WAY BACK DOWN that mountain of stairs. And THEN go back up the other side!

Image hosted by
Weeeee, thank God for moving stairs!

Image hosted by
Crossing the street...

We all went in together and got out tickets. It was funny because the DART only refunds full dollars in dollar coins so we were all paying for our tickets in gold dollars. The ticket guy looked at me and Duski weird, lol. Most of us just got water botttles and went to the theatre.
After the movie we all stood around for a while talking about it. We went over how dorky the lines were and had a mass group cry of "NOOOOOOO!" Then we went outside to start walking for the train.

The ride back was kind of amusing because it was late and people were sorta half sleeping on the train when we all piled on. I stood in the back half and the other sat in the front of the car singing. I was the last off, making sure everyone was getting off and no one forgot a bag or something. And when I got off everyone was yelling and hugging someone. And as it turns out, there was our missing buddy Kevin! We'd been waiting for him to get him to come to the movie but he'd missed it. He'd been waiting for the DART to go back to his car and when he'd seen the shirts he'd introduced himself. So, we glomped him and it was great to finally meet him.

We all stood around in the convention center where we met up with Mike McFarland and had a blast talking to him.

Image hosted by
Look who I found! =D

Kevin stuck around for a while but he sadly had to go to work the next morning so we had to say goodbye to him for the night. But Mike stuck around with us for a good while and he was just really nice. And Kyle Hebert even came over to hang out with us.

We hung out around there until about 1:30 AM when we all finally decided it was time to go to bed. Becky had asked me earlier to take in Duski and Jeva because they didn't have a room. The two of them basically ended up bunking in a corner outside the convention center and taking a load of caffine pills to stay awake. We were gonna have Green and her friend in our room anyways but they had a place to stay in Dallas so we took the two of them in with no problems. We got in late but the hotel staff was really, really nice and brought us up a bunch of blankets and pillows so we were able to put everyone on the floot comfortably. Gram was asleep so she didn't have much say in it (which I felt bad for afterwards but they had no where else to stay!) and they stayed with us the whole weekend.


The alarm in our hotel room was really messed up so it didn't wake us up at the time we were supposed to wake up. Instead, we wound up getting up more around 8:30 AM which worked out okay in the end. I had to run back to the parking garage in my pajamas. (I saw Mike on the way there and I hope he didn't see me because I would have felt like a total idiot.) I got back with the shampoo and we all jumped in the shower and got ready for the day and met up at the horse statue in the main lobby. We had maybe half the group so we went to the bagel shop on the other side of the hotel to get breakfast. I got this big blue berry muffin but I wasn't that hungry and didn't eat much of it (something I regretted later considering I got nothing to eat until pizza that night around 8 PM, lol.

We wandered around a bit after the bagel shop. I know I met up with Steven and Mark from the website I work at ( at some point around in there which was really great. My little schedule had planned a time right as the Dealer Room opened for people to go and hang out and shop around. So even though it opened like a half hour or so late, we still did that. It was a BLAST. It was so BIG! I mean, the entire convention was well over ten times bigger than Kunicon STL had been. But the Dealer Room was incredible! I had so much fun going around looking around at everything.

I blew basically all my money there that day too, hehe. I got two FMA artbooks (one is the complete material artbook and the other is a western left to right book in Japanese that is a complete character encyclopedia kind of book) and Volumes 1 and 10 of the manga in Japanese. I'm going to some how translate the first volume myself... and then I just like what happens in the tenth so I'm gonna look at the pictures on the plane ride to DC. Pictures are fun. ^_^

I also knew that I HAD to get FMA plushies. I mean, I know that Hot Topic is going to start carrying plushies in August but I really wanted them. I got a big Ed and Al and I looked EVERYWHERE for a Roy but I couldn't find one. So I was really sad. But, I had Ed and Al. So all was good.

Image hosted by
I love my Alphonse! ^_^

I spent the entire two hours or so walking around trying to figure out what to get Scott (my contact at Hot Topic) and Ravid (my Israeli penpal). I really wanted to get Scott something to thank him for all he's done for me and the fandom at Hot Topic. I wanted to try and find the FMA ties but no luck. So I got him a keychain with Ed riding on top of Al. I wanted to get him a Roy but I won't push my favorite character on him... just the main characters, lol. And I told Ravid I'd get her a Prince of Tennis keychain because she's a big PoT fangirl. When I couldn't find a nice one I decided to her her a lapel pin. I spent half an hour trying to find a Prince of Tennis cosplayer just to ask them what the main character of the series is named (I've NEVER seen it) so I knew which pin to get. But I did get one and it's nice. I have to mail it out soon before I leave for DC so she actually gets it.

At 2:00 PM we had Vic and Kyle's panel (there were also a few others like Michael Dobson and Taliesin Jaffe) so the community all got together to go to it. We saved a mess of seats which turned out to be a good thing because Caitlin came in and so we had a seat for her. We heard some really amusing stories and just had a blast at the panel.

Image hosted by
Here we are! =D

Image hosted by
Poor Taliesin doesn't get any table...

Then we took off for Mike's two panels right after each other. The ADR Adaptive Script Writing panel was actually pretty cool. It was a blast and Taliesin Jaffe was there and so was Toshifumi Yoshida. Both were really cool and Taliesin is just a great guy, lol.

We jumped over to Mike's VA panel, which was fun. I mean, there were other people there but we went for Mike (as bad as that sounds... the other guys were really cool too!) Everyone else was there too so the community came back together for that panel.

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
Mike because we love him, lol

Then afterwards we decided to skip openning ceremonies to just hang out until the events of later that night. Kevin hung out with us and we just sat around at some art comics dealer's table until they actually showed up and kicked us out, lol. Me and Sanna repeatedly bothered this guy with free Serenity pins and keychains and stuff.

After opening ceremonies we went and hung out in my friend Ten's room eating pizza.

Afterwards we had planned to all go see Samurai 7 but I... didn't. I honestly have no idea where I disappeared to. I was downstairs with Kevin and someone else and we just kinda messed around. We joked with Kevin that we were going to make him do DDR right there that night but after hanging around with him for a while we said good night and went back upstairs to meet up with everyone.

Image hosted by
Playing with our random acquisations of the day...

Image hosted by
Just messing around...

They were all kinda just pow-wowed outside the Samurai 7 room so the glaring group of yellow t-shirts was easy to find. I just kinda passed out on the floor until Mike came by and he pulled me up and we talked for a little bit. Sanna and I asked him to do this Crocodile Hunter parody on fangirls and he pointed out a few times he could do it and then took off to catch the rest of Galaxy Railways. I kinda just passed out again but I guess everyone was waiting for him and after over an hour they decided to give up and we all finally went to sleep, lol. But we did get to meet some pretty interesting people!

Image hosted by
This kid was... special. I loved his older brother though, he was great. He was acting all sad and was like "I need a hug... that's my baby brother..." So we all got up and gave him a hug. ^_^

Image hosted by
It's the gnome!

Image hosted by
I want to get this t-shirt for my friend Mark here in Missouri AND for Steven's friend Mark, lol

My grandmother actually stayed up to wait for us this night so when we got in we all settled down so she could get to sleep. Which was good because we had to get up earlier the next day to actually make the breakfast meeting that morning. Gram had ordered more towels so everyone was going to get to shower that morning which was a great thing, lol. We were all looking forward to it so we actually got to bed that night without too much talking.


While Saturdays are generally a lot more hectic for conventions in general, it was probably the most lax day for my group.

I went down early to the hotel gift shop with someone from the room to look for pain medication. A couple of us had woken up with head aches so we went down to get some. We met Green and her Elizabeth down there and hung out. Green got Shonen Jump and we joked that she had come all the way to Texas to get the same Shonen Jump she could have gotten back home. Elizabeth pulled me aside and had me take Green up to my room. She was planning a little birthday surprise since IT WAS GREEN'S BIRTHDAY AT AKON, WHOOT! So we took her off so Elizabeth could get her things.

As a joke before we left, me and Green got Vic some white powdered donuts. I don't know how many of you know it, but I've heard him tell it a couple times and he told his at AKON. For episode eleven, when Ed gets his face beaten and his cheek swells, Vic decided he was going to do it right. So he decided to find something to put in his mouth to make it sound like his cheek was swollen. Well, he decided on white powdered donuts. He would hold them in his cheek, record until they had completely dissolved, spit them out, and put in another one. So, as a joke, we got him powdered donuts. ^_^

We got together like always for breakfast and I had a nice plain bagel (which it turns out Green had wanted so she teased me for most of the morning about taking her bagel). We didn't have any plans as whole that day except to see Fullmetal Fantasy at 2 PM. So we went in and I watced the last episode of Fafner with the guys who had been great enough to save seats for the lot of us (yes, we started saving seats at 11 AM, lol).

Mike had an ADR directing panel at noon with Yoshida and Taliesin. So I ran up and met Sanna there. It was a great panel. We got to learn tons too. The best part of the whole freakin panel was when we learned that they went back and changed the dialogue for that one scene with Al and Barry the Chopper where Barry is ranting and Al lifts his head to show that he is just like Barry. In the dub, Barry just kept talking. But in the sub, he spazzes out because he just realizes Al is like him. But they changed it for the DVDs! Barry is gonna spaz in the dub now too! VERY happy moment. And, now I'll stop sounding like the dork I am.

Afterwards we grabbed Mike for Sanna's friends' movie. See, he had cast the Hellcon kids to be the "fangirls" in his movie. It was a Crocodile Hunter spoof on all the different kinds of people you see at anime conventions. So, who better for fangirls, lol. Mike is SO amazing for agreeing to do this for us! Anyways, Sanna went off in search of Doc and his friends with the camera so for a little while I walked around with Mike. When Sanna got back with the guys, I ran to find the Hellcon kids but only found two others in yellow shirts. So we all came out and went over to this open area to do the thing.

Basically, Doc was talking in his Australian accent about hunting fangirls in their natural habitat. Then Sanna does this high pitch "SQUEE!" and we all bomb rushed Mike. He got multiple glomps and Green and Duski went off on their random saying and phrases. Then we all had to stop because we were laughing too much. Then we all thanked Mike and ran back to get our seats for Fullmetal Fantasy!

Image hosted by
Edo's doing his part!

OH! And Green's mini-birthday party was held during all this at this point too!

Image hosted by
Yay, a card! (Elizabeth signed it "everyone" because she couldn't find us all to sign it, lol... we all signed it later during Planetes right before Fullmetal Fantasy ^_^)

Image hosted by
A FMA Towel!

Image hosted by
Green attacks Duski with her green pen! >D

Image hosted by
A CD that Green had really wanted!

Image hosted by
A little birthday book from the gift shop! =D

We did this while Planetes was on. It was pretty cool; I've seen the first episode and I got to see the fifth episode. It's a really good show and I recommend it to everyone. I can't wait to get it on DVD.

I went out to look around for people to direct them to where we were sitting.

So, after all this, the main room FILLED TO THE BRIM with people. It was insane. It went from being just us and the people watching the shows to a massive amount of people - which was great. They were all really excited, too, lol.


One word: Brilliant.

Afterwards we had a blast too because Vic lead this whole Q and A sort of thing. He acknowledged all the people who helped make the movie and he gave us a run down about how it was made. He answered all kinds of questions and it was all just really fun. At one point, I raised my hand and he's like "Hey, Sparkles!"

Then, due to popular demand, they showed the movie AGAIN! And it was just as good as the first time if not better. ^_^

When everyone was piling out, I went with a couple others and presented Vic with his donuts after getting through the flock of fangirls and I asked him to sign my Edward plushie later at some point which he agreed to do. ^_^

Image hosted by
Vic with his donuts! XD

After the movie, everyone in the group was really hungry but I had ABSOLUTELY no money to spend on food. So I turned around to look at my schedule to see if there was anything to do and then when I looked back they were gone. But, I wasn't really too concerned. I knew atleast that Kevin and Hitmom were over working pre-registration so I went over there to talk to them. I told them I had gotten ditched so they took pity on me and let me come around and help out a little bit. Sanna was the only person that I saw and she came over and we talked a little bit.

We are seriously the luckiest people ever, lol. We so won the right-place-at-the-right-time lottery.

As we were talking, this woman with a stroller and a little boy and another, older boy came up to the pre-reg table. And Sanna and I looked over there and she whispered to me, "Is that Aaron?" I guess she didn't whisper very softly because his mother answered to us that it was, indeed, Aaron. So we all had a little fangirl moment - even Kevin and Hitmom. And we apologized about it every two seconds, but it was great. He was SOOO adoreable; so quiet and shy, lol. I had him sign my sisters' pencil boards and my artbook and Sanna and Kevin got signatures on their posters. I kinda gave a run down about what was going on at that time and I mentioned Kodocha was playing in the main ballroom. Aaron got really excited about that and they went off to watch Kodocha.

Image hosted by

Sanna and I went upstairs to Kyle's dub your own anime panel. But when I got up there, someone sent me to get my video camera. So I got up and ran to do that. It took over thirty minutes to get up the elevator, to the room, and back down the elevator over to the convention center. Then I had to take it back because it wasn't working. So I basically missed Kyle's panel. I went, caught the tail end of the FUNimation panel and then went back to Kyle's panel but it was over. Somehow I got ditched AGAIN.

So, I went downstairs and over to the autograph area. I knew that Kevin was going to go to Vic's autograph session so I figured I'd be able to meet him and hopefully some of the others. But, I had the times wrong. I was supposed to go at 5:30 PM and not at 5 PM like I had. So I got down there, saw Steven and Mark come out of getting autographs by Dream or another group. We talked a few seconds but then I went over to the other side. So I'm looking around the Komic Market and I turn around and there is Vic and Aaron. Well Vic yells at me to come over. He introduced me to Aaron and we both say that we've actually already met and Vic says, "Ah, so you were one of the ones sworn to secrecy. Well, you don't have anything to worry about with Sparkles here." Which made me go red as hell and I dunno if Vic noticed or not but he changed the subject and asked me if I had a camera so he could take a couple pictures. I told him I did but it kept dying. We tried taking pictures a few times but it didn't work so Vic says to me, "You know, you should really get batteries.... there are a lot of things you're going to want to take pictures of." Which, was basically willing me to get batteries. I had really wanted to get some but I couldn't find any batteries ANYWHERE in the hotel. So, I jumped on this as a reason to actually go out and find some. This really nice lady with two kids about thirteen got me to a pharmacy and I was able to get batteries (however, that basically destroyed my food money and left me with just three dollars for food for the rest of the convention @.@). And I ran back into the convention center right before the autograph session started. Vic got to take his pictures and all was good! =D

But, you know, then I was alone again. So I walked back over towards the line for the autograph session. I had my Edward at this point and figured I'd jump in the long ass line and hope I got up there. I didn't see anyone so I was heading for the end when I hear two people yelling "Sparkles!" and "Sam!" So I got to get up at the very front of the line. ^_^

We just stood around talking for a little bit, mostly about what we were supposed to say to the other VAs besides Vic and Caitlin. They didn't know when any of them were from so they pushed me in front and were like, "You're young! You can sound stupid asking things!" So I was kinda worried about having to ask them, lol. But when we walked up with the AKON posters they gave us free, we first came up to Michael Dobson. He saw us and was like "IT'S YOU GUYS!" Which was cool because we didn't have to worry about having nothing to say, lol. From there we went over to the Robotech guy Dan Woren. He couldn't read wdhat Mr. Dobson had written on my poster (He'd written Sparkles) and proceeded to basically joke about it and he was like "I'm insulting this poor girl without even trying... it's something you should atleast put an effort into." So, I just kinda stood there really red and he signed my poster to Pamela becuase I was too nervous to say anything to him, lol. Then we came up to Samantha Inoue-Harte and the lady that played young Gohan (or was it Goten?... >>;..) and just kinda talked to them. Then came Anthony Brownrigg who we later learned played lots of bit characers in FMA. And then Caitlin who I joked with by going up and doing the whole over the top, "ZOMFG IT'S CAITLIN GLASS!" fangirl thing and she did it back and it was a lot of fun, lol. Then I had Vic sign my Ed plushie and stood around trying to be quiet while waiting for Ten and Kevin.

At this point, we were starving, lol. We went back to the pre-reg table to try and figure out where to eat but the food section of the AKON booklet was no help at all. We considered all kinds of stuff but the most practical thing was the resturant in the hotel. But most of us had blown our money in the Dealer Room already at this point so we were all like, "Damn... no money..." But we went over anyways and Kevin made sure everyone ate something and then paid for it. Just so everyone knows: KEVIN WINS A LIFE.

After dinner we went back to the convention center to play DDR. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

I played Steven in here too but I only have video footage of that, lol.

After DDR it was time for Kevin to go home. We were all really sad about this so decided to walk him to the DART stop.

After that we all went back into the convention center. Sanna went to bed for church the next morning and I sent everyone else to bed too. Hung out with Steven and Mark ALL night and this really cool Izumi cosplayer too for a good while. But, anyways, the idea was... Green had been ditched at the con by a friend and had no where to go. So I was going to take her in. Only, we already had two extra people in our room. So I hoped that if I went in late enough with Green and my grandmother and everyone else was asleep, no one would know I had brought back another stray until they woke up that morning. So I sent everyone else to bed to tell my grandmother I was doing website work with Steven and Mark.

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
(yeah.... we're so hard at work... >>;...)

For about an hour we walked around doing nothing. We played some more DDR (rather, Mark and Steven did and I got pictures) and then just kinda did nothing. We went into the raving room but as we got closer to the front, the smell got worse and worse and we just couldn't take all the unwashed fanboys so we left. Except Mark who would go in there for about half fan hour at a time and just kinda disappear. I swear, he's like a drunk kid with no direction just ambling off places, lol.

At some point we met up with Kyle and the first thing he said to us was, "Man, the line for porn is long." So that was really amusing, lol. We got to talk to him for a while again which was great. He's fun to talk to and be around.

We heared a lot of cheering in the center of the convention center so we went over to see what was going on. There were two lines of chairs outside the raving room and from the other end, Wibbles and Gothy were yelling, "Hey, Wiremess, come through!" So, I walked through. It was apparently a rating thing. I got a 9.5 for being told to walk throught, lol. So we sat for a good while watching that.

Mike came down at some point too and we all got up to talk to him. I told him to go to bed, lol, and introduced him to Steven. He went into the raving room and we warned him to stay away from the front of the room. So we stood around waiting for him and he came back out and poked me and we all just sat on a table with him for a good long while. I was SO freakin tired but we couldn't go to bed yet until later so we could sneak Green in. So we just stood around with everyone. I was so tired that I finally just jumped up onto the table Mike was sitting on and sat back to back with him. I dozed off a little here and there until finally we had to go try and go to bed at 2:45 or so because I had church in the morning. We said goodnight to Mike and Wibbles and the group and headed off with Steven and Mark.

We split from the guys at the elevators and went up to my hotel room. When we got there, everyone was still awake talking, and even my grandmother was up. So, Operation: "Sneak Green In Quietly" was a total failure. Dusk ended up on a bed with Liz, Green bunked on the floor wih Jeva, Brian and Kirstina bunked together and I ended up on the floor at the foot of Gram's bed. So, all was good in the end.


Got up arouond 7 AM to get ready for church. I took a really long shower to wake myself up from not sleeping the night before. I washed my hair twice again that morning because I had a tendency to forget if I had or hadn't when I showered early in the morning and just feld it best not to take chances, lol. Then I ran around, trying to pack some stuff before we left in case we had to check out right as I was getting back from church. I didnt really pack anything, just threw stuff on top of my bags and tossed my laundry in my suit case.

We got back to the hotel late and my grandmother was spazzing out about how long it was taking to get up and down the elevators and how we HAD to be out by noon. I kept telling her, when thousands of people are trying to check out at the same time, they're going to have to have some leanincy in the checking out by noon policy. So I had to rush, get my stuff, and drag it all downstairs. That was DEFINATELY a something of a feet.

Downstairs I got to see Steven one last time and say good bye to him and meet his mom.

We hung out in the main hotel lobby at the horse statue for a good while. Jeva and Duski had left at noon and we were getting ready to go. But I had wanted to make sure I got a chance to thank all the voice actors again and I really wanted to make sure I got to say goodbye to everyone. So I went over to the convention center and back at the hotel someone was getting me some rice from the chinese resturant down the road. But, anyways, I went across the road and I found everyone so I could say goodbye to them all one last time.

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Right before we left, in the lobby, Vic came over and he saw us and came over to say a real final goodbye to the community and those of us who were leaving.

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So it was really just an over all sad last couple hours at the con because there were just so many goodbyes. I miss everyone so much and I wish we were all still there so I could see everyone again. I had a blast and I hope we can maybe even do it again next year.

We headed home after that. We got lost and went the wrong way so we lost about an hour and a half on time getting home. We watched Golden Boy again, all of the Gunslinger Girl DVD, the last FMA DVD, and then we really did sleep a lot of the time. Atleast, I know I did. I had this cold from he minute we stepped out of the hotel that last time. And I still do, lol. But the convention was so worth it. We wound up getting home around 2:30 AM. I've been on a weird sleep pattern every since but I'm working on it, lol. If anything, I learned that sleep is good.


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