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Fandub idea

So I'm sure we're all familiar with a fandub parody (usually aired at midnight on Fridays of cons). Take an anime, cut it together, and throw super speechul dailogue on it.

I wana do an FMA one.

I have a few ideas, but they lie under a cut because of Episode 25 spoilers *nodnod* And for those of you that know what that spoiler is.... yes, I am going there....

Okay, so I don't have any ideas for the main story of it, but I have a few aspects of it:
*Lust is a Feminazi
*Gluttony's a genius
*Envy's gay and hits on Ed repeatedly
*Winry is an Ed (as the Fullmetal Alchemist) fangirl (completely ignoring the fact they grew up together for the sake of the jokes)
*Shieska is the President of the Fullmetal Alchemist Fan Club

Okay, now you really wanna get those guns ready....
*Hughes is a pedo, and runs around taking pictures of a little girl in the neighborhood "Lookit this little girl? Isn't she so cute? I hope I get to talk to her again", nothing to much farther than that. When he gets shot, it's the girl's mother "Get away from my daughter you sick fuck!"

Another scene, possibly making use of the pic of the brothers as kids from the intro: "My friend Michael sent me this picture, though I don't like the little boys much... He's weird."

*shots rain in from all directions*

Edit to add: The point of this post is a call for any further ideas. For any ideas used, thanks to the comm will be put in the end credits.

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