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A-Kon 16 Coverage for the FMA fans!

I'm shocked that there hasn't been any coverage of A-kon. Well, I had a great experince. Don't worry, it's all FMA related, though I do appologize if it's a little long, but don't worry, it's full of Vic funness and a little bit of Aaron Dismuke.

I'd love to spoil you all with pictures, but I lost my camera -_-. Did any of you come home with an extra camera? I saw a few of you there in your yellow shirts ^_~

Anyway, onto the cut!

My friends and I got front row seats in the panel!

I started bouncing up and down in fangirl delight when Vic came through the isle and the room went wild! Questions flew across the room, most of which went to Vic, and I felt bad for the other VA's, and so did Vic. Many times I caught him leaning over to them whispering "Sorry guys." He even dodged a few questions to avert the attention from himself, even though he did a majority of the talking. He knighted Michael Dobson as the "Hooser Alchemist" and knighted him with volumes 1 and 2 of FMA.

Vic shared us a lovely story of Aaron Dismuke with us. They were getting ready to do a recording and Aaron is tipping back on his stool in the 3' by 3' box and you hear a "THUD". "Aaron...are you okay?" the producer asks. You then hear his cute Al voice " ...Help me..."

But the best part of the panel would be when Jen's cell phone went off. I can't remember what it was they were talking about, but the Animaniacs Theme is her ring, so Michael Dobson gets up and starts dancing! Vic puts his hand to his chin and looks at Jen with a very cute expression like "Are you going to answer it?" Jen was bright red and couldn't stop laughing before her phone went to voice mail.

After the panel, Vic ran to the main hall and started to fire up his movie 'Fullmetal Fantasy' onto the screen. We made it just in time as he was introducing it to us. The movie played and I laughed so many times! It was the funniest thing ever! I won't share a whole lot cause he wants to keep it special to the con goers, but I'll just say it was the greatest thing ever and he played it for us twice! He claims his next project is to do another movie involving the FMA toys. I can't wait for that one. He shared with us the process he went through to make it, and it only took him and his crew 3 days to film it O_O wow! After the movie ended I made my way to find Vic and get his autograph, but I ran into Caitlin Glass I just had to get a picture with her, so I did ^^

I tracked down Vic after a mob of people. I waited for an opening and went in for the ‘kill’. I went up to him holding out my Picture I wanted him to sign.
“Hi, can you sign this for me please, Vic?” I ask
Looks at picture, “Wow, that’s really amazing. You drew that?” Vic says.
“Yes I did, can you sign it for me?”
He leans closer to me and whispers in my ear, “I can’t sign it right now. If I do, I’ll never get out of here.”
“Can I bribe you then?”
“Bribe me?”
I pull out the Ed picture I drew for him. “Wow, that’s for me!?”
“Uh-huh ^-^”
“Wow, that’s awesome, can you sign that for me?”
“I already did.” Points to my signature.
He leans in again and whispers in my ear, “I’ll sign it for you at 5:30 where I’ll be doing autographs.”
“Where’s that?”
He points to the way other side of the room.
“Okay, I’ll do that. But can I get a hug first.”
“Sure^^” he opens his arms to me and I hug him around the neck! He waves bye and continues going through the crowd.

I come out and my friends had taken pictures. I seriously looked at them every 10mins or so, just looking at my pictures. They claimed Vic looked very seductive when whispering in my ear. He didn’t sound seductive, though I did feel his lips on my face and his hand on my shoulder!

(I don't know how many of you were able to see Aaron there, so here is my encounter.)

5:30 came and we came over and there was Vic playing with the fans and taking pictures with them. I waved to him and he acknowledged me and pointed to the little boy next to him. “Do you know who this is?”
It took me a second then I’m like “Aaron!”

Aaron slightly cowered behind Vic. The poor kid, he fears the fans when Vic embraces them. I got a few good pictures of them together, and the Al cosplayer and him. Aaron is the cutest 12 or 13 year old I’ve ever seen! I wanted to glomp him, but he was so timid I didn’t. But apparently a 6’ 4” Sailor Mars with a 2” heal didn’t care. She glomped him and he nearly had a face full of boobs O.O, the poor kid was terrified. He ran to his mother and hid behind a stroller. And apparently Vic was sharing the picture I drew with Aaron’s Mother ^-^

I got amusing signatures from all those that were at the panel earlier, including Caitlin who was a surprise guest I suppose. Then I came to Vic…
“I’m back! Now you can sign it.”
“I will sign it now.” He asked how to spell my name then, then signed. “Hey can I draw on it?”
So he drew an angry Ed face on my paper.

Image hosted by

I stepped away and then remembered that I was going to have him sign something for Katie. I grabbed a FMA poster. “I forgot, could you sign this for my friend?” he was awaiting the Jess, but I butted in front of her.
“Where is she?” he asked taking out his pen.
“She’s at home. She really wanted to come. I told her I’d get her you signature though.”
“Oh I see. That’s cool.”
He asked her name and the right spelling. I don’t remember how we got on the subject of Katie coming to the next con dressing as Ed, but it happened.
“She said if she went to a con she’d cosplay as Ed. She could pull it off very well because she’s short.”
“How short is she?”
“4’ 10” “
He laughed.
“And she’ll be 22 in October.”
He gave a shocked/horrified yet amused look and laughed harder. He then signed Jess and Brin papers (Jen went to the concert). We waved farewell.
“Enjoy you picture,” I said.
“Oh…I WILL!”

I wouldn't be surprised if some of you were waiting in line with me without me knowing, but the thing I really want feed back is... Did any of you get the picture of my group with Vic and Aaron. We handed our camera's to some people in the crowd, and I think others were taking pictures of us too.
I lost my camera so getting this picture would be most appreciative ^.^

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