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Fan Art (From me, be afraid...)

Hi, First time posting at all here (Too afraid to post but is going to do it anyway) I have come to offer fan art? Friend of mine and me and crazy well...EdWin fans and well o_o we drew. XD Well she drew, I gave the ideas.
Small comic base on a drawing I did of Winry as a Doll. What would Ed do if he found it. XD
Here is where the idea came from (I drew OMG!)
This one was inspirated by Chapter 47, when Ed says to Winry "Your hands are not those that hurt people, they are those that help others" (Like I said We are sucker for them) and my friend are hopeless... ^_^ Please do not link this image, using my domain space to host them >>; Before I go one last fan art, which many of you won't get, but I will explain!
See I am currently writing a fanfic base on a Wish Winry made on her 16 B-day, which came true by accident, wished Ed was in her shoes once in a while (Since always leaves, never tells her anything, ya, ya you get the rest.) *Base on the anime, I was just so angry Ed never told her anything while in the manga he is sweet enough to SAY something* So ok, back to the story. Winry WISHED Ed was in her shoes, and well....wish sort of came true. I think by the image you can tell what happen. XD If anyone is interested, the fanfic over I will post the link if you want. (I will warn you, don't get offended, I am not a yaoi lover for FMA, maybe find Roy/Ed in the anime cute just not the in the manga....) So um...bye? o.o

EDIT: Um..ok just as long as I don't get like bashed or insulted I am good.


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