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why helo thar.. cosplay help plz?

Hey guys. Sorry to make an obnoxious request post, but I'm kind of desperate. Checked the memories and things, but didn't find it. I need images of two things:

1. The standard military collar badge thing. You know, the silver one with the serpent. If anyone has a closeup or something of the official one.. I will shower you in e-cookies.

2. Also, the array on Roy's glove. Need a good shot of that.

I'm cosplaying military!miniskirt!Roy Mustang in a couple of weeks for AnimeNEXT totally just to weird Travis out.. "Yes, this is your character in a miniskirt, why do you ask?" but I don't have.. as much of it done by now as I should. ^^;

So who else will I see at AnimeNEXT? :D:D

[PS - there shall be pictures, eventually. :3]

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