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f a n s p i e l t r o i s a m e i s t y l e

It's been a while, it seems.

Her final request.

Quick ass sketch done in heat I'd rather not think about. Rather obvious influences from the awesome AmBm site. I really like the atmosphere that the artist creates by using strange canvas sizes and great perspectives, but somehow I think I've failed to recreate it. (...)

Drawn after a certain someone's mad ravings on AIM. She knows who she is. Yes that's Ed holding my cherry red Fender Strat. Left handed. T'would make for some awesome distortion due to resonance of the automail, aye amigo. Something a little different than usual.

Quick teaser frame. My computer crashed, the original was lots nicer. Experimenting with a new inking style, I wanted something harsher and edgier than my usual smooth (read; boring ass) style. It's not as cool as I'd hoped it would be. Whatever.

There's a severe lack of cg in this post. University is calling like the bitch she is. Ho hah.

I can only draw fullmetal these days. It's pervasive, osmosing into the brain. Ed is a brand.

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