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So. I was thinkin' about automail...

In both the anime and manga, it's implied that it takes a very long time for an automail recipent to get used to their new limb(s), right?

So why is it that Archer, who got some MAJOR automail treatment done, seems to be at home with it after about three months? I mean, certainly you'd have to get used to it in a psychological sense, even if you're happy to get it(which I'm sure Archer was, all overdone silliness aside). Also, I'm sure that there are certain health risks to using automail a lot before your body adjusts to it. For example, the nerves might send signals that the limb needs blood, but it really doesn't, so the person's heart might be working harder than it should, leading to high blood pressure.

Anyone else have thoughts on the matter? Aside from 'A wizard did it!' or 'BONES was lazy?'

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