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CRUD!!! *Kills VCR*

Okay...so my VCR ate my refrence tape I was using for the gender switch thing....so who knows when the first episode will be finished (I'm only up to the Cornello's radio adress part T_T ) So I know that this whole gender switch thing is long over due, so....I give you a small glipms into Rae's (Female Roy) Diary just to give you a small taste!

Title: Diary of Rae Mustang
Rating: G/PG
Character from: Fullmetal Alchemist Gender Switch series
Length: 318 words
By: chill_shadow (Tori D.)

Diary, Rae:

Too much Paper work. Elijah keeps nagging me to do it. I’ll get it done…eventually. Yesterday After work Mae and I went out for some drinks. After that, we went back to her house, seeing as how Mae has Eliot to take care of we can never hang out like we used to. Graciano invited me to stay the night seeing as how my car broke down...not to mention, out of my rage I kind of burnt it. And my place was too far to walk to, so that was nice of him to let me stay. Although, Mae showed me a bunch of pictures...I wasn’t really paying attention, just like at work.

Made a date for Saturday with Elijah, although it’s a double date with Fullmetal and that mechanic of hers. Can’t I just have some time alone with Elijah? Not at work, not with the shrimp, just some alone time. For gosh sakes I finally got a date with that man!

Well, I was bored so I actually spared with Fullmetal for a while. This is our second fight together and this time, no stalling. Needless today I won...okay...maybe I didn’t win...and maybe I scorched the crowd again. And now we have to fix everything we fixed last time too. I really need to stop doing this.

Nag, nag, nag, “Do your work” “Don’t fall asleep now”. “Wake up cornel; it’s time to go home...” Crap.

The date was okay. Though seeing as how we had kids with us, I didn’t get to hang out with Elijah that much or go to where I wanted to go, so we just ended up going to this fancy restaurant. Just to torment the little twerp I ordered the shrimp. I couldn’t help but getting a rise out of her just once that day.

Now...on to those other reports of hers...where are my gloves?

Well it's not the best and I don't think I'll continue it anytime soon...But what do you think? It was just a quick thing that I made before starting on the series its self.

I also got the idea from who ever did that Roy's desk diary thing from awhile back...but I can't remember who it was...it was posted I think over at fma_het....

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