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Hughes Song File Tracks!

Haven't seen these posted here yet, but has posted up the tracklisting for the Hughes Song File. It shall go as follows:

1 そして今日も世界は (Soshite Kyou mo Sekai wa...) (And Today the World is...)
2 Angel Heart
3 パパと遊ぼう (Papa to Asobou) (Play with Papa)
4 そして今日も世界は(インストゥルメンタル) (And Today the World is... (Instrumental))

And, to quote the bottom of the post:

Track 3, though I cannot confirm, seems to be a duet sung by Fujiwara Keiji (Maes Hughes) and Yoshida Mayuri (Elisia).

Thanks to Sycia for posting that info there!

(Also, I hadn't seen this confirmed in the community yet, but it seems that the second track of the Winry Song File WILL be a duet between Winry and Sheska <3<)

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