love sonnet XVI (zodiacstargazer) wrote in fm_alchemist,
love sonnet XVI

Picture request

Does anyone have a good image of a Roy yaoi (could be shounen-ai) piece of fanart that I could use (giving credit if actually used, of course.) Colors would be nice, as in completed pictures. ^^;

Any yaoi pairing is prefered, as long as it involves Roy. (I'd like a piece of Roy/Envy, Roy/Ed, Roy/Scar, or Roy/Havoc if all possible.) I'm try to do a layout, and although it's quite possible for me to go look for screencaps, I'd like fanart that I can use (I'll give credit to the original artist and, if it says that they don't want their artwork spread without permission, try to ask permission.)

Doujinshi would be nice too, if any fanart describing my request isn't available.

Thank you so much in advance!

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