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Pre Big Con Photo Post

I seriously have so much pictures...but as of last night I lost my camera at A-kon. So I'm hoping sometime tomorrow thehotel will call and I can retreive it! Please wish me luck with that becasue I plan on posting a tone of pictures. much Vic and Aaron love ^.^

Anyway below is something that happened last night when we returned from the activities. They were giving away glow sticks in line at the con., so I set it down and my Ed plushie. I got in bed and looked over and Ed was glowing! I'm like "Ed's Transmuting something!" He was on top of the glow stick. After laughing for a good five minustes of how funny it was, my friend grabbed her camera and took a picture, and we added a comment pertaining also to yesterdays events.

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I'm so sad. I got so many good pictures of Vic and I, but currently this is the only one until I find MY camera. I saw him walking down the hall and I ran up to him and told him I lost my camera. He was so sweet and sad for me to hear that. He hugged me again and two of my friends took this picture, just incase I don't find my camera, which I really do hope I do!

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KristaXVic OTP!!!!

I will come back and post all my other FMA photo's as soon as I retrieve my lost camera T_T and get home from Texas.

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