AceXKeikai (acexkeikai) wrote in fm_alchemist,

FMA cosplay

Hi all

Well I think I've joined the bandwagon of FMA cosplayer. Now... I thought about doing Ed but...

1) I'm a little on the chubby side
2) I have brown hair (although wigs can remedy that)
3) I'm errr heavy chestwise? so I'd be a chesty ED
4) I am taller than Ed... (isn't everybody?)

I have been watching over the philosopher stone arc (thanks to sailormac and I thought... You know I have brown hair, glasses and do look nerdy cute... I think I can pull looking like Seska. Just one thing that's been bugging me though, when she goes into the army service, she wears a similar uniform than the others.. but she wears a skirt. Up to now, I have NEVER seen Riza wear a skirt... Why isn't she wearing one?

someone posted a picture of Seska earlier... do you mind if I use that picture for reference?

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