crazy_toffee (crazy_toffee) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Ed/Havoc YAOI fanfic: Under Heaven (part 1)

Title: Under Heaven
Rating: NC-17 (overall, but this chapter is PG)
Important: This fanfic is a direct followup to ( A Time for Everything ), I guess it can be read on its own, but it would be much better if you read ‘A Time…’ first.
Warnings: Huge spoilers for the entire series, particularly and – most of all- THE END.
Pairings: Ed/Havoc, hints of Roy/Riza
Summary/Notes: Summary… summary… Well, roughly put, this fic is partly owed to devils_devotion for getting me addicted to this unlikely? pairing, and to tir_synni who somehow lead me to pwn myself (don’t ask. O_o), so, much luv, this one’s for both of you. (Blame THEM!) The premise? Mainly…^^ to go where no woman has gone before, and write a…*takes deep breath* Post-series, NC-17 Ed/Havoc yaoi, plot-driven WIP. Yeah, I said plot, WIP, post-series. WTF… XD

( Under Heaven, pt 1 (very fake cut!) )

Sorry for the X-posting everyone! ^^

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