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fic & pic: "On the Subject of Cats"

Title: On the Subject of Cats
Genre: general/fluff
Rating: G
Spoilers/warnings: none
Summary: Roy takes in a stray.
Notes: Based on a theory thought up by vicemage that Roy has a cat after episode 13...

He wondered at times what had possessed him to pick up the stray. He had little interest in pets, least of all a cat. A dog, possibly, if he were so inclined. Something loyal and reliable, as opposed to the lazy, self-serving, generally useless bundle of fur that did little more than eat, sleep, and take up space.

Of course, when the lieutenant had found out, she had laughed and said it was a good fit, whatever that meant.

Then there was the fur. Everywhere, day in and day out. All over the bed, the chairs... Fur on the counter and generally anywhere else the little monster had gone, which was everywhere. No longer was food safe on the table unattended, instead he was forced to actually put everything away that he had any intention of eating later.

And then there were the claws. He'd finally given up on preventing everything from becoming a scratching post and settled instead for salvaging what furniture he still could. Though that was hardly the only thing the beast sank its claws into. Bare flesh seemed to be a favorite target, or his good shirt that it had decided to nap on and then refused to let go of.

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It was a nuisance, really. A pest. If he'd known how much trouble it would be he swore he would've just walked on by without sparing a second glance.

But that was a lie and he knew it. Even a cat had its good moments. When it was curled up in a purring ball of soft fur on his lap on a cold day, for example, or putting on the most amusing display of awkward positions as it attempted clean its entire body with just its tiny pink tongue.

And besides... good or bad, that was hardly the point. He had no interest in pets for pets' sake; rather he had picked up the kitten from its thoughtfully-crafted nest for the sake of someone he cared about. And he certainly hadn't needed to, either. He had already made good on what he'd owed.

It was just that there were just some things, Roy knew, where equivalent exchange didn't apply.

Certainly not to freeloading cats, at least.

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