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Funny FMA related stories

Wanna read something funny? Or, atleast I think it's funny!

Now, My mom just had surgery and she was being operated on, but they didn't give her a surgeon...they gave her a robot...So she says to us, the night before her surgery (my nii-san and I) that she was getting operated on by a new robot technology.
Well, naturally, my FMA!crack radar went off, and I stared giggling like mad. Of course, nii-san didn't miss it either and says, outloud.

"MOM! YOU'RE BEING OPERATED ON BY THE FULLMETAL DOCTOR!!!" Then, we both precede to say lines like Ed and Al....laughing while we did so...

Mom thought she was gonna die cause she said "If someone like that crazy shortie with the braid operating on me, I don't want to go to surgery."

Then, the DVD says a "WHO'S SO SHORT.." line and I about died... life is being taken over by Edward...and the Eagles...Please help me...

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