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Parody <3

I'm writing a parody on Romeo and Juliet. And guess who's getting casted into the roles?

Roy and Ed.

^__^;; Now, I'm not done with it yet, but I wanted to post the summary and see how many people would be interested.

It would be total crack, obviously. XD

Here's the summary:

Because they are retards and tried to do human alchemy, Roy and Ed are taken over the Gate. Although, since Ed has tried to do forbidden alchemy before, the Gate decides he and Roy (just because he’s there) have to be severely punished. So, the two are taken back in time, and forced to be in a play with complicated wording and TEH EBOLNESS of stupidity.

But the Gate isn’t that cruel. It’ll give them scripts.

....Yeah. -finds the idea amusing- So, who would be interested?

And also, has anyone else done this?

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