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Doujinshi for sale!

18+ only please!!

K, I have here a doujinshi for sale! it's by Oh!Saka spirits, it's their Fullmetal Alchemist Fanbook 2 "Kasai". The main story of it is Ed/Winry, though there's also some Riza/Fury/Havoc/Farman *shudder* then there's a few four-panel comics, then another Ed/Winry (different artist, censored) then there's a little two-page Roy/Riza thing at the end. It's not overly graphic, and excluding the Riza/others story, it's generally unoffensive, as far as hentai doujinshi goes.

Now for a bit of explanation. My boyfriend had bought it for me, but then it went missing. I felt bad for losing it since he bought it for me, so I went and bought a second copy, after getting over the shock of actually finding a second copy *hugs Hen Da Ne*. Then when we got home, I found the first copy.

As far as condition goes, there is a slight bend in the cover, but it's not creased, so I'm going to try to flatten it out again.

Price? 14$ plus shipping. That's what I paid for it. Money order please!

Also, I'll need a scan of ur license. You can blur out everything but your name, picture, address and birthdate, if you'd like. And if you try to pull one over on me, and get it when you're underage, if you get caught with it by your parents, you do so at your own risk. I am not responsible.

That's all! First come, first served. Either coment or e-mail me at my listed address.

edited to add: If no one claims it by Monday, it's going on ebay. I'll then post the link here.

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