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Fic Dump - "Oasis"

Whee, here, have a fic <3

Title: Oasis
Author: kaitou_marina
Beta: Just me, if anyone else wants to take a crack at it, go for it
Rating: R (it's smutty, but the smut isn't too descriptive)
Genre: m/m, dreamsmut, angst
Pairing: Scar/Al
Spoilers: Vague spoilers for about ep.42 through the end of the series and into the movie timeline, so if you haven't seen the end, it's probably best not to read XD
Notes: Written for and winner of mikkeneko's Iron Smut Challenge (this is the fixed up version). Title comes from Gackt's "Oasis."

( The scarred man smelled like the sun, like the baked stone of the desert... )

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