AC (acdragonmaster) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Something for the Travis fans...

Well, vicemage already posted the photos of Vic being given an Ed coat at Sogen Con, but seeing as there were also a whole lot of photos of Travis from that con as well, I figured I might toss a few in the direction of all you fangirls.

At his Miniskirt Army panel, Travis was tossed a miniskirt to sign. He seemed to have trouble figuring out where to sign it, though...
Image hosted by

A cosplayer let Travis try on her hat...
Image hosted by

...but the jacket didn't exactly fit. XD
Image hosted by

And just for fun, watch as Travis gets glomped during the FMA panel
Image hosted by

...there are more pics than this, in fact, and you can view them all here, if you so desire, though be warned that some are the result of sleep-deprivation and therefore may make no sense. And while I'm at it, might as well point towards the ACen photos which include quite a lot of FMA cosplay as well as some instances as Vic, but please note that the subgallery labeled "spoiler gallery" DOES in fact mean it- end of series/movie spoilers and such.
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