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31 May 2005 @ 03:17 pm
Well...I'm tired...  

Title: Aetas-Prologue
Rating: PG (Edward's language and violence)
Relationships: Generic
Characters: Most of the FMA characters
Preview: “Brother...” Alphonse said, weakly. Edward didn’t hear him. The eyes glazed over, then rolled to the back of his head. The younger brother sat up as the older fell into his lap.


Author’s Notes: You all have turned me into what I was a few years ago. I am writing this story on anything! Receipt paper, cardboard food holders, my random notebook. I’m just waiting for me to start writing in on my hand...that, and I am losing sleep...

I really hope you like it. I put alot of the ideas some people had to work, but let’s see what’s going to happen. Mind you, I am going to set some statements out so you know:

This story is purely out of my own head...I tried to keep the characters true to form, but you HAVE to remember this: Roy and his “gang” are WAY younger here than they are in the series. This means that they might not be the same as they are in adulthood sometimes. (Like Roy seeming more brash with his alchemy, or Riza seeming less serious). I have exercised much control and tried so far to keep them the way they are.

ANYWAY, since you wanted it, you got it! Aetas is on it’s way!

I do not own FMA, that is alllllll Himoru-sama and Square-Enix. If, however, I did, I would not be writing fanfiction and working a part time job selling lawnmowers.

Aetas- Prologue

A blonde eleven year old looked over to a younger boy, into slightly apprehensive moss-green eyes.

“Don’t worry, Alphonse, everything will be fine. Teacher said that it’s all equivalent exchange, we have given up enough...and...,” He paused, looking at the circle that lay before him, “we have nothing to lose..”

Al looked down the circle as well, placed on the floor of their home. He sighed.

“You’re right, Edward. Let’s bring mom back!”

The boys immediately placed their hands on the edge of the circle, becoming engulfed in a golden light. Ed had never seen anything so beautiful. The gold was so fitting for what they were trying to do for their mother.

So many months...we tried to figure out this ancient art, and all for you...Mother...

On the edges of his mind, Edward felt the air change, not for the better. The science shifted, the color changing from the heavenly gold to a menacing deep purple. The boys stood, realizing that it was too late...

Much too late...

The blood covered everything. The walls, the furniture...but most important...their bodies. Edward gripped his gone right arm with his left. He let go and pulled himself towards the almost lifeless body of his brother, whose right leg was gone. Ed winced as more blood leaked out of the stump he used to call a left leg. He shook Al with a bloody hand.

“Damn it! Al! Wake up!,” Ed felt the tears mix hot with the blood on his face, “This wasn’t supposed to happen!!” Edward let out a piercing scream into the night, his mind succumbing to the pain, both body and soul. It wasn’t seconds later, the eyes of his brother opened.

“Brother...” Alphonse said, weakly. Edward didn’t hear him. The eyes glazed over, then rolled to the back of his head. The younger brother sat up as the older fell into his lap.


End Prologue

A.N: Ugh. I hope you guys like it. Somedays, I hate all the stuff I write....

^_^ Anyway, the best is yet to come!

Aetas-Chapter One

“BROTHER!!, Wake up!!,” screamed Alphonse.

Edward hated mornings, like any normal teenager. His brother, the only currently making him angrily curse the person who started the whole ‘good morning’ thing, was happily jumping at the foot of the bed, fully clothed and ready for the day.

“Al...go...away...” Edward mumbled, pulling his blankets over his head. The early sun shone through the lightweight blanket, so Ed pulled the hood of his red sweatshirt over his head to block further distractions.

“NO! Get up! We’ll be late!” Al said, getting down and grinning. At the window, unbeknownst to Ed, Winry was slowly cracking in open. She stood on a latter, holding a small bucket which looked like to be full of water. Ice water.

“I’ll get the bucket,” spoke Al, as he opened the window a bit more and took it silently.

“Will not...” Edward thought back defiantly, but very thickly.

“Will too..” Al positioned himself for attack.





“Can’t you go bother Winry? I’m sure she’s not up...” Winry covered her mouth to hide a snigger, Alphonse trying not to laugh himself.

“I did,” He stated simply, “I had to dodge wrenches, so I decided to come wake you up...”

“If I hit you,” Edward said, yawning, “Would you go away?”

“You wouldn’t hit me...” Edward didn’t like this...something was not right about Alphonse’s voice. Before he was quick enough to pull the sheets away, he felt his body become very wet and very cold in a matter of seconds. The older Elric yanked the wet covers back to see Alphonse laughing loudly, the empty bucket discarded. Edward’s still sleeping brain didn’t connect the situation until he saw a streak of long blonde hair leaving the window quickly.

“Do...you actually think I wouldn’t have done it?” Alphonse said, between breaths. The boy’s eyes were glittered with tears as he laughed more at the fact that his brother looked like a drowned cat.

Edward grumbled, crawling out of the bed. He grabbed the bucket from the floor and slammed it on the Alphonse’s head with deadly accuracy.

“Ow!,” Al said, the sound muffled, “Brother! I was kidding with you! I’m sorry!”

He tilted the bucket back to see that his brother had gone. Fear crept into him. Edward could move fast, so he could be anywhere, plotting his revenge. Alphonse stood and dropped the bucket. A scream reached his ears.

“EDWARD HOHENHEIM ELRIC, DON’T YOU DARE SPRAY THAT WATER!” Winry’s voice yelled, clear through the open window. Al ran to it and looked down. Edward had the hose. If he just aimed a little higher, he could have...

Alphonse slammed the window shut quickly, as water pounded on it. Alphonse ran from his brothers room, but upon opening the door, their caretaker and Winry’s grandmother stood infront of him.

“Aunt Pinako!,” Alphonse said, smiling awkwardly , “Lovely morning we are having!”

“Yes, Alphonse, it seems so...” Pinako said, smiling right back. Something wasn’t right here either. Alphonse ran quickly away, but not before Pinako got him quite well with Edward’s water gun.


Once everyone had their breakfast, cleaned up and showered, Pinako sent them on their way with lunches in hand. Edward stuffed his lunch in his shoulder bag. A spring breeze ruffled his hair, which was pulled tightly into a braid. He still sported his red hooded sweatshirt, because even for spring, it was still a little cold to be waltzing around unprotected. Ed smiled and jumped up on the side wall, walking it’s edge.

“So, what wonderful thing do you think is going to happen today?,” said Edward, his tone sarcastic. Alphonse looked up at his brother and shrugged, content with just walking at this point.

“I have a huge practical test in Auto-Tech today,” said Winry, “I guess I’m probably the only one who studied.”

“You would never miss a chance to show up all those boys, Win.” Edward said, Alphonse suddenly regretting his brother’s words for him. A wrench came flying over his head and smacked the older Elric off the ledge.

“Just because boys are ALWAYS in those kind of classes doesn’t mean I have to follow some sexist stereotype!!” Winry yelled at him, getting quizzical looks from the Elrics.

“But neither of us said that Winry...” Alphonse said passively. The boys looked at each other and shrugged, as they kept walking behind her.

“You know,” Winry said, picking up her fallen wrench, “For the two smartest kids in school, you guys have no clue...” The brothers flushed a little. Edward and Alphonse were a bit famous around school, known for being a pair of child geniuses. They both were accepted into Ameritris High School’s prestigious chemistry club in their freshmen year, one after the other. Not only that, but Edward was in all advanced placement classes, and was fixing to graduated a year early, but for unknown reasons, said he would go one more year. Alphonse, while not as smart as his brother, was still in alot of advanced classes, but ones of his own liking.

Edward was more leient towards history and science, while Alphonse liked to take English and drama. They both weren’t just good in school, but very good at sports too. Alphonse, despite being slightly handicapped by his right leg prosthetics, was an important person on the soccer team, and was hoping for a varsity spot his junior year. Edward had tried twice for the basketball team and his luck was with him this year, because he gained a spot on varsity for ‘speed and accuracy’. Edward never let his injuries or height effect him either, having a replacement right arm and left leg or only being a certain height that he believed to be private information.

Winry slowed down as the boys passed her, talking about some new book Edward was reading. Those two had never explained why they showed up at her home five years ago. All Alphonse said was: Please...help him....he’s gonna bleed to death! Yet Al had injuries of his own, but they were mostly internal. He claimed he didn’t remember what happened, much less how he made it to their house on one leg. Winry and Pinako believed him; it wasn’t like Al to lie.

Winry’s thoughts slowed as an engine of a 1968 Mustang pulled up. The color was electric blue and the convertible top was down. Two raven haired seniors sat in the car. The one closet to them sat up and pulled his sunglasses down to look at them with black eyes.

“ELRIC! How’s your morning going!?” He said jovially, but Edward didn’t seem to happy to see him. He didn’t reply and pushed Al to walk faster.

“Man, you really don’t like me! How can you be that way to your president and captain!” Edward growled in response. This boy happened to be Roy Mustang, the school’s resident show off, in Edward’s professional opinion. Beside him was Maes Hughes, drama class expert and school heart throb. While all the girls wanted him, he only wanted one girl named Gracia. Maes was a nice guy to the Elrics, but was also Roy’s best friend, so sometimes, he didn’t stop Roy from his most favorite pastime: Edward-bashing.

“I just thought I would remind you, basketball pictures are this afternoon, and you have to be at least five feet to be seen by the camera man. Would you like me to hold you on my shoulders?”

Alphonse placed a hand over his eyes. Dear Lord... He immediately grabbed Edward to hold him back from throwing himself at Mustang.

“Shut your fat lip Mustang!!” screamed Edward, causing a look of mock offense on the older boys face.

“Good Morning to you too, Edward!” Hughes pulled away, Mustang waving happily as if his day had just been made. Edward shoved his hands in the pockets of his jeans.

“Bastard,” He grumbled, “Ass-wanking Bastard...”

The rest of the trek was plagued by Edward’s cursing and the appearance of his favorite person at the front door, with his entourage of people. Edward began to curse whatever gods hated him this morning.


“He’s just a boy...” said a smooth female voice, looking at the man that sat upon his large chair, lazily.

“Yes, but he will become a problem,” said the man, playing with they ends of his hair, “Him and his brother already have the protection of that blasted pyromaniac’s gang, but they will easily be destroyed...”

The woman kneeled down to her master, the wavy raven hair falling into her eyes. Her master, who’s face was shrouded by shadows, crossed his legs.

“Now, my dear Lust, infiltrate his life, make sure you get him alone...” The woman looked up, waiting for her master to finish; a gloved hand curled into a fist.

“Then annihilate him...and the younger one, by whatever means possible...”


AN: SMOLY HOKES! Five friggin’ pages! Hope you like the story thus far, and sorry for being a bit vague on some parts. They will be greatly emphasized soon. More to come when I finish using all of Walmart’s receipt paper! You know, this is actually the first story I have typed up as I finish a chapter (I write out long hand) not when I finish the entire story. Look what you people have done! YOU MOTIVATED ME!! *gives cookies*

Oh, and about Edward's middle name...I honestly thought everything sounded sooo stupid that I came up with, so Hoho-papa's name it is! <3 If you don't like it...oh well...I can change it. I thought it sounded nice.

I'm gonna go eat something sustaining. Like actual food....I haven't eaten in days...Sorry this is so big. I'm going to post it in my journal as well...
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purplemewitpurplemewit on May 31st, 2005 01:28 pm (UTC)
Oooh, me likes! so far so good!

I kinda prefer the idea of Mustang and Co. being teachers, but this is great too!

Hmm... maybe I could do a military academy sort of thing.... hmmm....
equvilantexchgn on May 31st, 2005 01:41 pm (UTC)
Well, thank you.

Hope more people read it...:( *saddened alittle*
Lianaaneko_hosokoawa on May 31st, 2005 01:56 pm (UTC)
Whee!! I'm talking to you right now on aim, but I wnated to leave you a nice comment =3

I LOVEEDDD ITTT. Haha. ^__^ Hoorayyy.

Saya Aensland: BWAHAHA!saya_aensland on May 31st, 2005 02:07 pm (UTC)


Arakawa Hiromu. And if you're being as respectful as to use sama, you should use her surname. Arakawa-sama.</retarded fangirly rage>

Huh? Oh, the fic! I like Mustang here. Makes me wonder if this is what he would've been like if Ishvar had never happened. And his car's sexy. 83 *dork*