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31 May 2005 @ 01:55 pm
One Wrath and one Edo fan art ^^  
I have done some fan arts... well, drawing and painting it's not my special ability, but I tried my best T_T.

Here is one of Edo (my first attemp drawing him!): http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/17669997/

Don't pay attention to the title, I just was too alone that day ¬¬'.

And here one of Wrath, and it's the first time I tried to paint it with Photoshop seriously, so, please, don't be mean T_T: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/17780859/

Well... you people are great, I love being in this community ^^!
That's all for now, but I promise to bother again later!
PD: Mwajajajaja!!! ^O^