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...Happy birthday, mikkeneko. About eight years too late.

Title: Damage Control
Author: devils_devotion, aka Demidevi
Rating: Meh, PG-13. No porn for you. :P
Genre: Cute, in it's own way. Almost gen, except there's some moments that are decidingly questionable and will more than like make you go "buzzah?". *shot* This is not WAFF I swear to God
Pairing: Roy X Ed, anyone? Again, freakish sort of gen, nothing explicit.
Summary: kaltia told me you'd like something like this, Mikke, so if you don't...blame her? And not me? *hopeful face*
For: mikkeneko, the birthday girl. ^^ Much love, Mikke-san.
Comments: Besides "this is not WAFF I swear to God"? None really. Post-series? AU, probably. Ed's older. Roy still has peripheral vision. There is no Munich spoon. ^^;; So probably post-series AU.
Music: Since the CD player is downstairs and I'm too forking lazy to get it, I content myself with listening to "Overlap" by Kimeru and "Oasis" by Gackt on repeat ad nauseum. XD

( 'Well, I'll be damned', he says. (Fake LJ-cut.) )

I'm in cross-posting whore mood today, so today this gets x-posted to fm_alchemist and fma_yaoi, and since it's a birthday fic for Mikke, I suppose it wouldn't kill me to put it up in steelandsparks, either.
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