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Submission - PridexPride


This was done as a thank you gift to vainglory for helping me out.

There is a funny story behind the pairing portrayed. I told vainglory that I would draw them a pic as a thank you to them. Well, I asked them what they would like drawn, and they said 'Pride'. Well I asked which one, and got the response "Both!" followed by a just kidding and "Either one is fine". Well, I took the idea and ran with it, producing a pairing that I'm surprised no one has done yet O.o (cause it's hot as hell XD!!)

Ano.. As a side note to hime1999 or anyone from the recasted_series: If you happen to know where R!S Pride's markings are, and if they are supposed to be visible in this image, please, please, PLEASE let me know. I tried to ask, but got no responses back about my question (I even looked at the beautiful artwork done by Hime and found no marks what so ever).

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